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  1. Coke/pepsi Are Haram?

    :sl: You shouldn't say something is haram unless you know for sure it is haram. It's just as bad as saying the opposite. You can say whatever you want, bro, I'm just warning you.
  2. :sl: This is brother Jibrael saying that I'm alright, I'm still Muslim (for life, akhi!) and :sl: things are going well. I can't post or reply because my computer is really slow and I've also been really busy. Whenever I try to post it says that it has to end the program. Last month, on March 1st, I got married. :no: AlHamdulillah, things are going great. We sort of rushed into things, and sometimes it's kind of overwhelming, but the relationship is good. She's a revert as well. Also, my business has been doing ok. It has picked up. In case you don't know, I'm a hypnotherapist. I help people quit smoking and lose weight. :j: it will get busier in the coming years. I hope that it does because supporting a family is tough! That's ok, though, I put my trust Allah. So, just posted to say that I'm still here, I can still read your replies. When I'm on a good computer I can send out stuff.
  3. Somalia...jihad Begins

    :sl: Allah is with the Mujahideen.
  4. Reviving The Islamic Spirit

    :D Yes, there will be a knowledge retreat, but I had to go home, back to work. Ibn Bayyah didn't speak English and had Hamza Yusuf translate, so I didn't get much out of it. Hamza Yusuf is well educated and used some humor in his speeches (at one point he sounded like a muslim George Carlin) He had a good dialogue with the Rabbi. Habib Ali al-Jifri, was he the Qari? Beautiful voice. He studied with Abdul Baset and it showed. Moez Masoud was a good speaker as well. I saw him on the escalator and he said "make du'a for me."
  5. Reviving The Islamic Spirit

    :D Yes, the concert shouldn't be there. It's impossible to separate men and women at a conference like that, especially at the bazaar. We all know the Islamic rules like no touching and lower our gaze when necessary. We were at different tables and drove different cars. I can give you many ahadith where men and women were in the same place at the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.
  6. Reviving The Islamic Spirit

    :D :D Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ir-Raheem. Wow, what an amazing event, best weekend of my life! I've never seen so many muslims! There must have been over 10,000 at one time on Saturday. The speakers were great, the stories amazing, the shops incredible. Tariq Ramadan's emotional speech Sunday morning brought tears to my eyes. Siraj Wahhaj story about an Imam who helped convert a neo-nazi who had shared his prison cell for a half-hour made me say :D Abdullah Hakim Quick's speech about the things we need to avoid as muslims was very good. Tariq Suwaidan's lecture about your favorite Khalif was very informative, and he handled the shia' sister's outburst very diplomatically. And to top it all off, a new sister took shahadah in front of 10,000 new brothers and sisters. :D :D Rabbi Michael Lerner gave an excellent speech about materialism in America (I bought his book) despite having laryngitis (may Allah guide the anti-Zionist yahood) I was going to buy him the muslim t-shirt that had a no-pork sign, but it said "maniac muslim" on the back, so I decided not to. The best part of the convention, though, was hanging out with the brothers from my group and meeting new brothers there too. umAhmad, I mentioned your name to the brothers at Muslim Gear, but they had no idea what was I talking about. I bought a t-shirt though, so they owe you. :D
  7. :D I'm so happy for you, brother! Wow, 2 years being Muslim and your first time in a masjid. You must have been so overjoyed! :D May Allah subhana wa ta'ala increase your iman for coming to His house. Ameen
  8. Reviving The Islamic Spirit

    :D I will :D UmAhmad. :D Jibrael sleep now... :D Wake up tomorrow... zzz... go to Avis... zzz... then go to the bank... then go to masjid... zzz... then go to Toronto... zzz... mmm... potato chips... mmm... :D
  9. Reviving The Islamic Spirit

    :D No, just Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Actually, sister Dreamer was right, some of the speakers are Sufi influenced! :D I had no idea Hamza Yusuf was a sufi. I guess I'll go there with the intention to correct any mistakes if they say something weird. Not out loud, just to the new muslims who are coming with me. Was'Salaam
  10. Iran Holocaust Summit

    :D OK, enough arguing, let's look at the facts: Auschwitz's original plaque says "4 Million" Jews were slaughtered here. Then, the Jews themselves replaced it with a plaque with the number "1.5 Million". However, the number has always been 6 million. So, why hasn't the number been adjusted appropriately? It should be at most 3.5 million. Before After And it says "mainly" Jews, so even the Jews themselves say that it's <3.5 million. But, saying that could get you arrested. Why? Look, it's horrible when anyone dies, but even if it was 6 million, does that give israel any right to slaughter the Palestinians and Lebanese like this? Have they learned anything from the "holocaust"?
  11. Reviving The Islamic Spirit

    :D I'll make du'a that you can go, Mina. Sufi Spirit? :D What do you mean, sis?
  12. Reviving The Islamic Spirit

    :D I'll be there :D I hope I feel better by then. :D I want to meet an Inuit Muslim. I heard Zakir Naik isn't going to be there, though. :D
  13. News

    :D The numbers on Iraq were cooked up to make it look like a majority agreed with Bush. I know you're mad at Americans right now but you have to control yourself. Calling Americans "typical" and so forth is against the Sunnah. Many Americans have no problem with us Muslims and want to see the hegemonic American Empire to end. I know because I'm one of them, even before I reverted. :D :D
  14. Dating The Jewish And Islamic Animosity

    Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish Rabbis MeEt with Iranian President Ahmadinejad Sept 21, 2006 (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.nkusa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/activities/demonstrations/2006Sept21.cfm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.nkusa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/activities/demonstrat.../2006Sept21.cfm[/url]
  15. Dating The Jewish And Islamic Animosity

    EHHHH! Incorrect Answer (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.alfredlilienthal(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/kingandi.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.alfredlilienthal(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/kingandi.htm[/url] The King (Saud of Saudi Arabia) and I: Eyewitness to History By Alfred M. Lilienthal March 1995, pgs. 31-32 In December a group of leaders from the American Jewish Committee traveled to Riyadh to see King Fahd. Their visit was to express their concern lest new surveillance satellite photos purchased by a Saudi Arabian company be used for military purposes against israel. The King assured them the information would be used only for commercial purposes. The leadership boasted of its accomplishment, and were portrayed by the U.S. media as the first Jews ever to be received in the Saudi Kingdom by a reigning monarch. Like so much of the propaganda emanating from Zionist sources, this was pure myth-information. Thirty-nine years earlier, in 1955, I had visited Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia as the guest of His Majesty King Saud and was subsequently received over the years by his successors and brothers, Kings Faisal, Khalid, and Fahd. I have no idea of how many hundreds, or thousands, of American Jews have visited Saudi Arabia since then. Each press entourage that accompanied U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on his many visits to the Kingdom contained Jewish journalists, none of whom encountered problems or we would have read about them in their reports. My own first visit was in 1955, a year or so after my book What Price israel? had been published in the United States and had become a solid hit. It was then translated into Arabic in Beirut as Themen israel? and went into seven printings. By the time I arrived in the Lebanese capital on my second visit to that country, I recall that my arrival was trumpeted on the front pages, and I was received as a conquering hero. Arab officials and media pundits vied in honoring the one U.S. writer who had effectively defied the Zionist movement.