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  1. Remember that iblis is not an Angel and not of the light but was from Fire. Tgese quoyes calling or the christians with their fallen angel terminology is completely wrong.. Ill give you an example... if a group of people come to a town to visit, do you say a group or do you say the people came and the donkeys, the cats, the dogs.. etc... catch my drift. So one.. no iblis is not an angel but was able to travel with the angels on allahs permiasion. As salam alikom.
  2. God in Bible and Quraan

    Allah does not visit or see anyone in hell as those in hell are removed completely like the removal of satan. Allah has commanded the angels to control hell and they have been removed of any feelings or terrors on what goes on in hell. The leader of them being Malik. As salam alikom..
  3. Ever Heard Of Tinnitus?

    As salam Alaikom Remember my brother in religion, tinnitus is something that effrcts you constantly and if Allah wills he will constantly remove your sins. Also, your comment about Adam pbuh the first man in the world, should not have been addressed that way or blamed him as there is a hadith when MOSES had a conversation: Moses said: what caused you to have yourself expelled from Jannah and how you messed it up? Adam replied: who are you, are you the moses of the jews, the one whom Allah spoke to behind the veil and there was no messenger between you and abd Allah Azwj? Mosies said: yes Adam replied: then did you not understand the plan of Allah and he decreed that we would be in earth and we would all come here as part of his plan? Moses replied: Yes Adam replied: so how can you blame me. Our Porphet Mohammad pbuh replied thay Adam won the discussion. So clearly we are who we are, we sin because we are human and its in the nature of the Nafs.... but Allah is merciful. P.s. i also have tinnitus and it gets really bad and constant but i see this as a blessing so i can make repentants constantly and may Allah forgive my sins also. Salam alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa baraktu.