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  1. :sl: Living in today's world, we are easily distracted from the purpose of life. We hardly ever dwell on life, death, ourselves and loved ones. It's only when we lose something we are forced to ponder upon it, such as a death in the family. If one takes time to think about these things, it can really change a person's viewpoint on life. This is why when a lot of people go to Prison. It is their first time away from the outside world, and in such a place that prison is, they have time to think and ask questions they would normally never ask. Hence why many people who go into Jail actually come out slightly wiser and many find Religion. So completely know what you mean. We could easily leave this world at any moment, and all that would happen is our loved ones will be shocked for a few days but then move on. Whereas the deceased will be left to face Allah (SWT).
  2. Obama, Saleh And The Yemenite Jews

    :sl: Dear Muslims lol, sure why not. Well Sad, i genuinely believe that peoples beliefs and intentions of current day events are undermined / hijacked / manipulated to the benefit of the very few. Many know this, but are too afraid to do anything about it. East, West, North or South... It is the case everywhere, but just in different forms.
  3. Obama, Saleh And The Yemenite Jews

    :sl: Dear Muslims Ironically, the 'religious' majority also face great discrimination in many 'Muslim' countries. Everything from the Adhaan being banned in Tunisa, the Hijab being banned in Turkey to Masjids being demolished if not falling in line in any anti-religion rhetoric in numerous 'Muslim' countries. Sad, but these dictators who have been in power for decades upon decades have had a very negative impact on any religious way of life.
  4. 5 Things To Do On Laylatul Qadr

    :sl: Dear Muslims :sl:
  5. Wife Having An Affair Over Internet

    :sl: Dear Muslims You need to speak to her, and identify the problems you may be having. Perhaps you are not spending enough time with her? I suggest speaking to your local Imam or Sheikh for some advice, and the correct way of dealing with this.
  6. Zombie Muslims

    :sl: Dear Muslims Fact is, the US has always had a common enemy. They've stripped their enemies of any human identity to it's own population, potraying them as Animals etc. They did it with the Nazi's, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Soviets, Cubans, China etc. A method used as a rallying point for the population. It does not take a genius to observe the trashing and insulting of the Muslim name worldwide. Just need to look at the Media. Okay, it's one thing to condemn such media outlets such as FOX, but that does not STOP FOX and Co. from spreading it's libellous rubbish and inciting hatred and xenophobic ideals: Over, Over and Over again. One of the most widespread forms of media is the Internet, that alone is enough evidence to show how much hatred over Islam there is. Even basic sources such as YouTube etc. are used to mount hatred. Not to mention the amount of blatant lies used in these sources, to the point where an argument with someone who claims to be "Anti-Muslim" is so pointless, because they have no idea what Islam even is, and use false knowledge for their debate. Usually from "you are not allowed to post links yetIslam-is-teh-ev1l-i-iz-a-patrotic(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/9-11. It's sad to say, but ignorant people exist, and are usually the driving force of any hate campaign. There is no reason for Muslims to be apologetic to "Fit in". Because, like the West did with it's common enemies throughout history. They will NEVER accept us if we wish to keep our identity, and that is our Deen: Islam.
  7. :sl: Dear Muslims Well IF the BBC is anything to go by, the "Pakistan Taleban" and "Afghan Taleban" seem to be some-what exclusive to each other. Probably to the point they only share the name. Also an article on BBC i read a few days ago, with a "Rare statement from Mullah Omar" released commerating Eid said to the Taleban to avoid harming civllians. As far as i am aware, they dont support civllian attacks and other misc. activities. But anyone can claim to be from anyone there. I remember also watching a documentry where some Anti-Occupation fighters were drinking whisky and gambling, yet claiming to be the Taleban etc. Which was ofcourse beyond obscure
  8. As An American

    :sl: Dear Muslims I think most Muslims are aware that this is the action of an idiot, and it's supporters have no justifications except they harbour alot of hate. The most ridiculos thing about this, is that this "Pastor" has got around 50 members, and seems genuinley like a nutcase. But alot of the blame lies with the media (as usual). The media frenzy over this nutcase should never have reached to the state it has reached now. A state where even the President has come out in condemnation. Had the Media not been so money hungry, this could have been quietly condemend and stopped. But, money talks for some people, and the Media will do anything for that sound bite or story they can sensationalize.
  9. 'redneck Race' Around Islamic Center

    :sl Dear Muslims Does anybody know what happened to this place? :sl:
  10. Afghan National Army: The Greatest Group Of Failures

    :sl: Dear Muslims Considering the US and UK Government couldn't care less about it's own troops, it's astonishing to think the Afghan Army think their being helped
  11. “daddy, It Hurts, Then She Died�

    :sl: Dear Muslims Still cannot understand how Muslim "leaders" around the region sit there doing the minimum amount, or in some cases, help israel i.e. Egypt.
  12. Un Condemns 'war Crimes' In Gaza

    :sl: Dear Muslims There is evidence that both israeli and Palestinian forces committed war crimes in the recent conflict in the Gaza Strip, a UN report says. It accuses israel of deliberately using "disproportionate force" in the three-week operation in December and January. The report also condemned rocket attacks by Palestinian groups, which sparked the israeli offensive. Palestinians and human rights groups say more than 1,400 Gazans were killed, but israel puts the figure at 1,166. Three israeli civilians and 10 israeli soldiers were also killed. The report said israel must be held accountable for its actions during the war, a process which could lead to the conflict being referred to the International Criminal Court. israel, which had refused to co-operate with the UN fact-finding team, said the report was "clearly one-sided". It reiterated that it was "committed to acting fully in accordance with international law and to examining any allegations of wrongdoing by its forces". The investigation, led by South African judge Richard Goldstone, found evidence "indicating serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law were committed by israel during the Gaza conflict", a UN statement said. israel also "committed actions amounting to war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity". The report accuses israel of imposing "a blockade which amounted to collective punishment" in the lead-up to the conflict. It "concludes that the israeli military operation was directed at the people of Gaza as a whole, in furtherance of an overall and continuing policy aimed at punishing the Gaza population, and in a deliberate policy of disproportionate force aimed at the civilian population," said the UN statement. Statements by the israel military that its operation involved very few errors showed, said the report, that its failure to distinguish between military and civilian targets was "the result of deliberate planning and policy decisions". 'Arbitrary arrests' The report found there was also evidence that Palestinian groups had committed war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity, in their repeated rockets and mortars attacks on israel. It said the launching of rockets which "cannot be aimed with precision at military targets" breaches the fundamental principle of sparing civilian lives. "Where there is no intended military target and the rockets and mortars are launched into civilian areas, they constitute a deliberate attack against the civilian population," it said. It called for the immediate release of Gilad Shalit, the israeli soldier seized in a Palestinian raid in 2006 and taken to Gaza. Both the israeli and Palestinian authorities are criticised for the treatment of their own civilians during the conflict. israel's interrogation of political activists and repression of criticism of its activities had "contributed significantly to a political climate in which dissent was not tolerated", it said. Meanwhile, the alleged "arbitrary arrests" and "extra-judicial executions" of Palestinians by the authorities in both Gaza and the West Bank were also criticised. The 574-page document recommends that authorities in both israel and Gaza be required to investigate the allegations and report to the UN Security Council within six months. israel says it has carried out more than 100 investigations into allegations of abuses by its forces - most were dismissed as "baseless" but 23 criminal investigations are still pending. The israeli military says troops acted lawfully during the conflict. It has admitted to a small number of errors - such as the deaths of 21 people in a wrongly targeted house - but said these had been "unavoidable". The full report - which is based on 188 interviews, more than 10,000 pages of documentation and 1,200 photographs - will be presented to the UN Human Rights Council at the end of this month. Eight months after the conflict, very little reconstruction has taken place in Gaza because of the strict israeli-imposed blockade which bans all but essential supplies from entering the enclave. The stated aim of the blockade is to weaken Hamas's leadership but aid agencies say it serves only to punish the civilian population. UN officials have repeatedly urged israel to end its blockade of the Hamas-controlled territory. __ (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/8257301.stm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/8257301.stm[/url]
  13. Music Is Naaths

    :sl: Dear Muslims Welcome. I think it's the question of Nasheeds/Naaths involving Instruments. It's best you ask this in the "Basic Islamic Discussion" Section, where someone will Insha'Allah give you a proper answer with evidence. Jazakallah Khair
  14. At Wits' End

    :sl: I say this to myself first... Patience is they key. It's one thing saying ofcourse, but in practising patience is another thing. But remember, Allah (SWT) loves us more than our Parents do. We should always turn to Allah (SWT) in both good times, and bad times. Truth is, nobody is happy without the will of Allah (SWT). So we need to stay focused. Whatever we're struggling with i.e Money, Family, Friends etc. Will Insha'Allah only be solved by putting Islam first, and our trust in Allah (SWT). Sooner or later, you will naturally have little intrest for your online friends and wasting time, and be more focused Islamically, which will Insha'Allah improve your life i.e. Academdically. Again, i say this to myself first.
  15. Us Harshly Rebukes Israel On Settlement Plans

    :sl: Dear Muslims Same old, Same old israel will keep expanding until it provokes a response, then reverts to being the Victim