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  1. can anyone please translate this arabic text to english please? https://imgur.com/a/1M6optx?
  2. asalamu alakuim, Can anyone please translate this for me? link not working..i will try another.. https://imgur.com/azYBfD0
  3. Forgetting Sura In Salah

  4. Forgetting Sura In Salah

    :D i was praying asr and in the 2nd rakat i forgot to say another sura with alfathiah ....is my prayer vaild still?
  5. Islam Take The Middle Path?

    :D thank you both for your answers........may Allah reward you .......so i can make sure.........using dove body soap ...or caress body soap etc.....if it has pig in it (im pretty sure it does) then its haram to use.....if so...then if you dont mind me asking......what soaps do you guys use? i looked just about everywhere and everything has pig in it . i dont know anyother alternative to use. anyone recommoned anything?
  6. Job And Jummah

    :D lets say someone has to goto training for a job for 6 months......for this example well say ......7am-4pm .....and the training is hardwork, and they cant have you going to jummah because the training you gotta be there......is it ok to miss jummah for this period or do you still have to go? im sure i know the answer but i just want to hear from others
  7. Praying In The Car?

    :D didnt the prophet :D pray on his camel sometimes?
  8. Islam Take The Middle Path?

    :D i want to add 2 things alcohol ..........isnt there a hadith that reads, anything that has a intoxicant , large or small is haram.....for example lets say if this cologne/mouthwash had 1% alcohol...from the hadith would it make this stuff haram to use? or is that being extreme?....i dont have the reference for the hadith, inshAllah i will find it and post it ... today almost everything is made from pig.......how can we aviod it? i tried to look for other soaps then i just gave up ...everything has pig in it....soaps,sauce,cheese, .......pig is everywhere! :D ......pretty much its impossiable to aviod.....i can gurantee everyone uses atleast 1 pork product and doenst realize it........my intention is there, i hope Allah accepts it..........o and even some gum have pork in it to !!! .......whats next pork-e-oes cereal?
  9. :D :D i started this topic because of a previous post about pants touching the ground can bring you into hell fire... (im not saying the following examples are right or wrong, but these are what i heard and want everyones input) everyone says take Islam as the middle path(not to be extreme or to lose,be half between) and its a easy religion....but my question is ..what is the middle path? what is easy???? -could i say brother and sisters its ok to wear your pants even if they touch the ground , but just dont have pride because of it , Islam is easy take the middle path,dont make it hard on yourself. - could i say brother and sisters,its ok to wear colonge , were not drinking the alcohol its only to make us smell good,Islam is easy take the middle path,dont make it hard on yourself -could i say brother and sisters, its ok to watch tv/play xbox (as long as no haram showing), these things are for us to enjoy,Islam is easy take the middle path,dont make it hard on yourself -could i say brother and sisters, its ok to use soap with contains pig (bet alot of you didnt know that alot and imean alot of shampoo/body wash contains pig)its only for us to wash ourselves, were not eating it,Islam is easy take the middle path,dont make it hard on yourself -could i say brother and sisters, its ok to use mouth wash which contains alcohol, were not drinking it, were only using it to cleen our teeth, its not haram to keep your mouth clean and healthy.Islam is easy take the middle path,dont make it hard on yourself im not saying for everyone to do these things or not to do them ( im just trying to make a point) see what i mean.......how do we know what the middle path is?......how do we know the middle path if all the time we get something and analyze it and say it contains both haram and halal?50/50... then whats just plain halal? according to some people,these are yes we can and no we cant pants touching the ground yes and no watch tv yes and no perfume yes and no amusment park(mix gender, in usa, they rented out six flags amusment park for just muslims for a day) yes and no mouth wash yes and no soap yes and no i can go on and on ........where do we draw the line?......thats why i think you have to ask yourself and say whats the middle path.........everyone out there has thier "own" version of the middle path..........do some research then do what you think is right. *quick note - you would be susprised to find out what contains pork,they use other tricky names , it wont say pork ingredient
  10. Folding Clothes

    :D some people say if your not showing off with your clothes and if your pants touch your ankle or lower its ok ..... isnt there a hadith when 1 of the shaba's pants keep falling to the ground and he told the prophet :D that and then the prophet said to him dont worry your not one of those people who wear their pants out of pride.
  11. Reasons For The Punishment In The Grave

    :D i read that, the heads will be crushed because they memorized quran , then they forgot what they memorized ...Allah knows best
  12. Eid, What To Do

    but if i goto work on eid......will Allah be mad at me?
  13. Eid, What To Do

    :D eid mubarek since today is eid........is it wrong to goto work today? or should i stay home.......i dont want Allah to be mad at me if i work.........my family isnt religous ......if i stay home for eid........all ill do i just end up playing xbox and goto the masjid for maghrib and isha later .........what do i do?
  14. Soul Being Questioned

    :D i know we get questioned in the grave........when does it happen? when the person dies right after? or when the actually body is in the grave? .........what if the body doesnt get buried......it gets burned, or its left in hidden somewhere .......do they still get questioned?
  15. Sunnats On Eid

    :D whos hes? ........may Allah reward you finding the answer........but the way i see it is.......if a scholar gives his opinon, you still gotta do reasearch.......hes no Prophet SAW.....some people rely on a certain scholar/shiek and what ever this peron says, they will say its always right......just gotta be careful, im just saying this in general, its not directed towards you.......actually this statement by mufti taqi usmani about alochol seems very interesting and i think hes right about the syentic alochol........may Allah reward you