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  1. Dua For Missing Cat?!

    GAK, for your care about your fellow Muslems and for your responsible reply... I'm not sure if the prophet had a cat (as a pet) raised in his house, please make sure of this info. allow me to generalize my speech, now, regarding emotions, if emotions when loosing pets go to the extent that it may affect person's life, then it's better not to go through this experience. when the money spent on a pet to move it out of its natural life into man artificial life is higher than that is needed by poor people then, we need to rethink about it. i mean if I (me) spend $100/month to keep the pet away from its natural life and spend much less than that for needy, I (myself) need to reconsider the issue. it may go the extent if this money will save the life of either of a kid or or a cat, I need to think deeply about it... May Allah allow us to see the truth as clear truth and help us to follow it...aamen
  2. Dua For Missing Cat?!

    A.A I live in a country, just like most of the Muslim countries, where kids in streets and foster houses don't find who cares for them. I would say try to care about poor and needy in your country or others, Muslems and others. Pets have their natural environments which is not houses, some kidnap them and change their identity and use them -let me say- in against-nature way. while poor people need houses and the money that is being spent on pets much more than them. BTW, I believe, owning dogs is Makrouh (and could be Haram) except for guarding or hunting, and even though, it should be kept out of house. may Allah replace the love of pets in Muslems' hearts with the love of their needy brothers and sisters.
  3. So, Who Then Created The Qur’An?!

    Then, I agree let's say Jesus spoke in Koine Greek (although according to historians and archaeological findings this language never been used in that area of the world, but lets say your hybosis are right) but let's say he got educated it at some where. Oh my, he is a god and sure, he spoke in Greek, Chinese, Arabic and in different tongues like the blessed priests. But the questions here 1- Did he speak in his and his people mother tongue languages (Hebrew and Aramaic)? 2- if yes, why those followers write nothing in their language? 3- if they did, why we have nothing in his mother language? 4- If Jesus spoke in Greek, why it is not mentioned anywhere in the bible. something like " Oh, I heard this great teacher speaks in Greek to such people...."? It's not about zealous scribes? these corruptions (corrections) were constitutional, it's made by the highest religious leaders, the documents has been moved to casarean town far away with all the difficulties and dangerous possibilities in areas controlled by Muslems. It coincide with many other ((corrections)) happened at the same time at the same town. let's assume a zealous scribes did it, they gone over the infallible god's word to correct it to him, where is the god at this time, didn't he promised to break the backbone f those who will add or remove from his word? I red it, 5 times. but what you are proposing has nothing to do with the question at all!!!!!!!!! my question is did those people in the dead sea area some 20 miles away from the god area, who live 200 years before him and about 40 more years after his death. 1-did they mention any thing about the indecent (something like, Oh my the god has been betrayed by his father and killed today)? the clear answer is NO....then why do you think? 2-did they mention any part of the NT (just two verses ), the answer is NO......my question to you is....WHY? 3- why they know nothing about the NT or the corssified god? they talk only about teacher of light? you are right, only, if the story is told by different people (Paul-1, Paul-2 and Paul-3). BUT the case here is that, the same witness (Saul/Paul) told it in three different ways, her is the big problem? now, the problem will transfer to the inspector/judge if he trusted this witness!!
  4. Thusly, I Know Nothing

    Greeting, friend welcome to the IF, It's our pleasure to respond to your queries. just one advise, during education phase you need to be in a quite environment away from noises and distortion, which are the misconceptions and massive attacks against Islam (you know, media can change realities and higher voices is much hearable). In this phase you need to read from Islamic authentic sources and hear from Muslems, themselves, and ask your own personal questions. You can get into evaluation and critic phase after that where you can hear from every one about Islam .... and again ask Muslems for their defense. and Keep seeking the truth for ever. B.R.
  5. Uncertain How To Reconnect With Allah

    I would say, mainly, motivations, be away from bad company, find good Muslim company, and increase your Islamic knowledge 1- motivation, who do you think should support Islamic life style in your area? you or non-muslims ... It's your task, you need to do it, not any others. If Hidu, Christians, Athiests and even those who worship trees defends their god and belief.......who will defend your god and belief. BTW, god rewards will be multiplies as much as the difficulties you face in such environment... 2-be away from bad company, as much as you can....tell the time you feel strong and immune enough to be affecting others and not the other. 3- find good reachable company, in the nearest Masjid or Islamic center, mainly to support each other in the learning process and relief life stress 4- Islamic knowledge, you need to believe that Allah is the only right and trustworthy, trust his book and advises in it (which you need to know or retrieve by studying his book ) ..... be confident that he will help and support you as long as you are trying to get nearer to him. may Allah make it easy for you and every Muslim on this earth
  6. Polygamy In The West

    for sane people when it comes to a serious matters they don't talk in signals and metaphors, and leave people to predict what satisfies their desires. I imagine a clear god would say, "polygamy is forbidden" , "whomever practice this great sin I'll melt him with H2SO4".....or with less clearness "whomever practice this sin, the god should clearly punish him and clearly tell people what was the reason. All of your evidences are very weak and based on your predictions. for example as the god created originally a male and female from the free-well human and he did the same for every other creatures, lions, dogs, fly, ........ and those creatures have no free-well. they are programmed by god and this god program directs them to practice polygamy. I mean creating one and one have no relation to what the god have in mind at this moment. Solomon married 700 +300, if the god didn't like that, I guess he should send him a signal with the 2nd marriage or the 3rd.....may be the 5th or the 10th or the 100th ....but keeping blessing him and not mentioning any problem regarding marriage tell 1000, it tells me that he liked it. regarding that wife who take his heart towards something, it may happen by the first wife...or a friend or a family member,....so should the god forbid families?!!!!! BTW, Islam is the only religion that clearly highly recommend one wife (some may see it as obligation, if the second marriage is not for a morally justified reason, and possess of the health, spiritual, time and finance requirements ). BUT in case of justified reason like the one i proposed before Islam limited the number of marriages to 4. ..... But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice].4-3 ..... And you will never be able to be equal [in feeling] between wives, even if you should strive [to do so] 4-129 marriage is not only for bed right, or children or spiritual mixing or providing needs or having a partner and friend, all are needed and important and will save the society. it's more than that, plz google other benefits you keep putting your self in the position who own something and others wanna steal it. it's not like that, this guy is not your property, and other ladies are not thieves. He, you, them and all of us belong to the one who set the rules, god. any way, you need consider the opposite or at least, this scenario " you and other young lady and one healthy man are left in an island, probably for ever. now, either the man will marry the other lady (which is more probable) and this case you keep watching them or the other and in this case the other lady will keep watching you (this may lead to jealous and trying to damage the family or having fun out of marriage and out of bed children ..... ) or sharing like most of the greatest ever men and ladies in the O.T. I have a question, why the westerners attack polygamy more than relations out of marriage? comparison, which is more stupid in side of god and have severer consequences on the society?
  7. Uncertain How To Reconnect With Allah

    Salam, First, Allah is waiting for you, and it never be late .... second, I believe you need to read yourself about this subject from authentic Islamic sources Quran and Sunnah ... revise the following and find the complete copy Allah says in the Quran.... يَا بَنِيَّ اذْهَبُواْ فَتَحَسَّسُواْ مِن يُوسُفَ وَأَخِيهِ وَلاَ تَيْأَسُواْ مِن رَّوْحِ اللّهِ إِنَّهُ لاَ يَيْأَسُ مِن رَّوْحِ اللّهِ إِلاَّ الْقَوْمُ الْكَافِرُونَ Go, O my sons, and ascertain concerning Joseph and his brother, and despair not of the Spirit of Allah. Lo! none despaireth of the Spirit of Allah save disbelieving folk 12:87 Hadith Allah rejoices for the repentance of His slave..... Hadith The man who killed 99 people ..... Hadith The gate of repentance is widely open ...... ....Etc
  8. Polygamy In The West

    I have two questions here: 1- Do the god of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Solomon, have any idea how many wives everyone of them had? 2- after the II World ware, Europe lost something like 30:40 million persons, most of them are young men. they had almost the same number of young women who will not find husbands!! (a) what should they do? (b) what they, already, did? and if what they did was a big leap in the west sexual freedom west have today?
  9. So, Who Then Created The Qur’An?!

    So, you agree that Jesus original language which he spoke and transfer his original message with was Aramaic/Hebrew. and Christian have nothing (absolute zero) written in the original language? what could be the reason in your opinion were Jesus' followers including the 12 disciples were illiterate? or what they did write wasn't accepted by the new comers to Christianity from Greek, so they destroyed it? or others... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codex_Sinaiticus#Scribes_and_correctors you may need to have a look at one of these (non-changed) manuscripts. This is the oldest completest one you have, I don't have to explain, just read the title of the page. it takes about series (es) of CORRECTIONS....... 1-why do the infallible word of god need to be corrected every now and then? 2- Quoted "the correction is concluded to have been made in Caesarea Maritima in the 6th or 7th centuries.[81] The pervasive iotacism, especially of the ει diphthong, remains uncorrected". you don't need to relate these changes to the appearance and domination of Islam!! could be any other logic reason, like what?! So adding tons of verses (end of Mark) and stories (adultery woman) and concepts (three witnesses )....... etc, is Nothing?! So, you agree that those people have no idea about the appearance of the crucified god nor his story (gospel). I mean in real life, not OT!!! prophecies were already fulfilled 40 years ago (considering the generation who lived from 33 to 71 AD)......and they were still reading about it in OT?!!! they didn't see or hear about the crucified god? not a single verse of the NT were leaked to them? do you think they were hibernating ? Tell I copy the three different stories of his conversion (which we received it only from him!), you tell me if those who accompanied him, did they hear the voice? or see the light? or not
  10. So, Who Then Created The Qur’An?!

    you mentioned earlier that you have the original languages (Greek) manuscripts, which is wrong, since you just mentioned that Jesus language which he spoke and transfer his original message with was Aramaic/Hebrew. Now here is a question, why Christian have nothing (zero) written in the original language? do you think Jesus' followers including the 12 disciples were illustrate? or what they did write wasn't accepted by the new comers to Christianity from Greek, so they destroyed it? Now, what you have is the accepted/translated version to the Greek people. which is mostly conveyed to them by Paul (previously known as Shawel) and his followers like Luke. Paul story and biography is mentioned and supported only by him!!, we didn't receive the opinion of the real disciple opinion about him (except what he claimed himself). He claimed that he converted through a miracle (BTW, he repeated the same story in three contradictory ways, in three different places in the bible). He mentioned that he had a dispute with Bernabus, and he was punished for that by the disciples. as a conclusion, you follow the Paulian version of Christianity which he founded and spread out in the Greek towns (and not Palestinian) as the writer of the "the most influential 100 persons in history". let me complete to you, Paulian Greek version of Christianity was in contradiction with the original Palestinian version. the stronger people who are supported by the Greek and later by the Roman political and military forces oppressed and get ride of the others along with their manuscripts. How different, we are taking here about the Greek version of Christianity which has gone fare in magnifying and explaining the position of Jesus from generation to other. as an evidence, the very first manuscripts didn't contain the verses that talk about three witnesses, the miracles of the bishops, the adulterer woman ........ all of these modifications were added later to justify the new developed belief. plz refer to "Misquoting Jesus" by B. Ehrman I believe, You mean the Jews OT, only?! But nothing about the NT!!! would you plz tell me, what the (Dead Sea Scrolls) tell about the crucified god? those people lived at the time of Jesus and continued 40 years after him tell 71AD. what did they say about Jesus (other than teacher of light)? and why?
  11. So, Who Then Created The Qur’An?!

    1- is Jesus original language is Greek? 2-do you know that, not two of these manuscripts for the same chapter are identical? they are different? 3- which version among those, translators adopted? sure, not the one that satisfies their and their kings desires !!! 4- do you know that one of the oldest and completest manuscripts is the Sainitacus codex; almost written just after Nicaea Cree (clearly, to document the bible accepted in this political summit not any others)... has subjected to 4 big series of correction, as the explorer of it said?! corrections occur after every big political change (guess why?!) one of them occurred in the 7th century (guess why?!) (sure, it has no relation to the appearance of the prophet of Islam who came in the beginning of 7th century, opening of Sinai and Egypt 641!!! sadly, that what they have done to your original book.....
  12. So, Who Then Created The Qur’An?!

    from this perspective, i can say that, the son killing is not enough, then. since the father is in higher rank than the son, he is #1. you guys have to say father, son and spirit. If someone said son, spirit and father, he will be charged of doing a big mistake. then again I have another suggestion, the father have to kill (put and supervise the killing plan) of not only the son, but the mother and the spirit as well. I believe that may satisfy his holiness. I would go further and suggest the killing of every form god incarnated into, Melchizedek, the three persons met Ibrahim and the tree, god Vishnu in Hidu, and mother caw, as well...... I'm trying to size the god more than you for more holiness!! is that OK or his holiness deserves only the son?! one more question for you, is it OK for god to be incarnated in a caw? and why?!
  13. So, Who Then Created The Qur’An?!

    Then, what do you say about the father who kills his son to be himself safe? or to choose to kill, betray and forsake his son to be insulted and killed, and not use his authority to forgive? here is an example, let me know what do you think..... if you have have a son (we will not get in the point that you were hiding your son and, non have any idea about him) and punch of dogs in your house, and as known you are a very merciful lady. now, these stupid dogs are missing around and don't obey you. ......... you promised to punish the bad dogs and reward the good ones, guess what, lately, you got a better plan ......! you decided to kill your son, not even that, you decided to submit him to the bad dogs to kill him for you, not satisfied yet!!, those dogs have to insult him, kick his body, spit in his face, make him naked, torture him, let's say they did every stupid action thay can do to this little innocent son ..........etc(I'm not sure why the plan should contain this torture, wasn't honored killing enough?!!). before killing him. Guess what, your little young son, is crying and switting blood all the night for you to help him. guess what, you didn't even reply him back. ........... at last minutes of his life he was screaming and charging you that you did forsake him, you are betrayed him...... your are a betrayal lady, as your son named you. now, your mercy goes some more further, you had a new plan......."whomever believe that you killed your son for the dogs, he will be safe, and whomever not he will end up to the hill fire and the melting sulfur" .......... including those who never see, nor hear from those who see, they came 1000s of years after and 1000s of miles away from the place (that seems real mercy, isn't it?!) I have a suggested plan for this lady, she have to repeat the previous logic and merciful plan, now a days and ask for the presence of all media means, she have to allow the broadcasting and video recording of all the procedures ( capturing, to insult him, kick his body, spit in his face, make him naked, torturing .......... etc. before killing him) once again to be witnessed by everyone. now no one have any excuse and deserve to be melted if he didn't believe.....
  14. So, Who Then Created The Qur’An?!

    So, which is more un-usual in your opinion to stop the physical laws for one time to remind people that the laws are in the hands of god (BTW, he did it many times by specialy punishing the people of Lot, allowing the donkey to stop some prophet, sending the spirit to the Babylonian people and making them speak in different languages......) or Luke 1:35New International Version (NIV) 35 , “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called[a] the Son of God. and the father god (who kept describing himself as not a man nor like a man) gets his first born god to be insulted, tortured, humulated , forsaken by his bosom friends and his father and finally assassinated by plan of his father.......although he can simply forgive every one without forsaken and killing innocent god/man which is less unusual?! in your opinion which would be more comfortable to you, to have the bible of Jesus that he breached with and talked about in his tongue language [MAT 26-13 Truly I tell you, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”] or to be as you were, are and will be?! struggling to find pieces of manuscripts that are written by un-knowns here or there?!
  15. So, Who Then Created The Qur’An?!

    what I meant is that, Jews were very strict in following the mere solid lows. They don't care about mercy, love and spirituals. for example, if Allah asked them to rest on Saturdays, does it mean not to help others or cure sick people?! that what they did they stick to the materialistic low and forget about spirituals. Now, the god changed the earthly laws by allowing the virgin to be pregnant and the infant to talk in wisdom and defend his mom. that should retrieve the spirituals in their hearts. that's the Islamic view why the Jews didn't accuse Mary with adultery, her son speech and defend. where is it? in what language? how it was found?