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  1. Circumcision

    Salam alikum sister Look this way of life is complete...dont try to take everything on one go because it will overwhelm you and you won't handle it....just for now focus on learning tawhid bringing your self close to Allah...teach your kids...and meanwhile just ensure kids clean themselves after they urinate....dont get bogged down by all this stuff...remmember the early Muslims who accepted Islam spent many years learning tawhid...and increasing their spiritual side
  2. Are Solid Inanimate Objects 'aware' To Some Degree?

    Asalamalikum Everything in the heavens and earth is in constant worship of Allah...even an atom of iron...what does worship mean? It is not limited to actions of prayer rather total submission. An atom follows the laws thatbhas been set it behaves in the way Allah commanded it to behave....we may call it laws of physics but ultimately the atom is obeying Allah
  3. Do You Like The Forum's New Look?

    salam, mashallah good new look.
  4. Do Other People Dream Everyday Like Me

    asalam alikum Qatada related from Anas ibn Malik from 'Ubada ibn as-Samit that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "The dream of the believer is one forty-sixth part of prophethood."
  5. A Female Jinn Has Ruined My Matrimonial Life

    :sl: bismillah, join the below website and there are files called "ruqyah audio" and broswse through evil eye, possession and sihr (witch craft) listen to them and note any reaction (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetruqyashariyah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/home/?q=audio/by/album"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetruqyashariyah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/home/?q=audio/by/album[/url] Quran does not effect a person negatiely, it is guideness and a healing for the beliver. Allah knows best, but if your faith is not strong and your zikr is not with heart then it can prove to be a weak shield. The jinn thrive on evil and weak souls. Do check out the above site you;ll get good help and advise.
  6. A Female Jinn Has Ruined My Matrimonial Life

    :sl: Bismillah, Are 100% sure you are doing everything halal? do you have any taweez? any evil? do you always lower your gaze? do you read your adkars (fajr time and asar times), do you follow the sunnah? Do you listen to music? films? are you obedient to your parents? have you been asking Allah to forgive you? These are not to be answered but for youself to think about.... [
  7. A Female Jinn Has Ruined My Matrimonial Life

    :sl: bismillah, reform yourself and come close to Allah, follow the perscribed sunnahs of sleeping waking etc. Its not comic at all what you are going through its tragic but we people bring evil unto ourselvs because we are far away from the deen.
  8. Teen Relationship

    salam you say 100% you will marry her? i say if you remain in this state 100% you will do zina. might seem "no way" but you will aouzubillah.
  9. Dream Interpretation

    :sl: Do your adkars. fajr and asar time and remain close to Allah.
  10. Imagine That You're A God.

    Hi Your post is a rather illogical. You define "God" incorrectly because you base it on your understanding. You try to limit God by attributing God with human like features. This is typical behaviour of polytheist infact even the people of the book have forms of polytheism. How can a limited mind comprehend his creator? If we cannot even comprehend paradise a created thing how can we even come close to comprehending the creator?
  11. Homosexuality In Islam

    salam Simple research Adam and eve Not Adam and steve lol
  12. Black Magic Jinn

    salam what exactly are you asking about?
  13. Muslim Reaction To The Swiss Ban Of Minarets

    There are no Islamic countries in the world in this age, only countries dominated by muslims.
  14. Women In Jannah

    We cannot fully comprehend Jannah or even Jahanam (hell fire)... we can just be rest assured that in Paradise your whims and desires are fullfilled, there is no evil.... and in Hell you can be rest assured that it will be your worst destination (may Allah protect us from it).... the details of each are not that important in my opinin as laws of nature will not be the same.
  15. Confused

    :sl: Best advice your freind gave learn the basics... how many of us know the ins and outs of the fundamentals of Tawhid?