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  1. The Terrorism Game

    ala'adin , I know you want to hear me say the US Army are terrorists . My answer to that is no . There is no moral equivalence to an Army being put in to a guerilla war , fighting an enemy that wears no uniform , uses women and children to do their fighting and strikes and retreats to hide amongst civilians . Seems to be that tactic of choice in the M.E. In fact I give the actual soldiers themselves the highest of credits . They were and are literal walking targets . They do not shed their uniforms . They are brave and courageous , but they are also human . I would take issue with the people who sent them there , the politicians . You can not make a comparison with terrorists because terrorists intentionally target and kill civilians for effect . Tyere is no military reason to blow up police stations , bakeries with people waiting on line to buy bread , car bombs in market places . Such attacks were aimed at Iraqis BY Iraqis . Yes , civilians were killed , not by policy nor strategy . If you can not determine the difference , then you never will and you are wasting your time trying to convince me otherwise . After Saddam was removed from power , WHO was the US Army attacking ? You won't answer honestly so I'll tell you , THOSE who were attacking them , unfortunately those attacks come from amidst civilians , making it an inevitable consequence that civilians will be killed . There is nothing you nor anyone else can say to convince me that the US Army were terrorists . There may have been individuals that committed crimes , and when discovered were prosecuted , and I'm sure not all were discovered . But this was not by policy or strategy . Tell me , how many of the Iraqis ,be they Sunni or Shia who have intentionally blown up indiscriminately , innocent civilians , faced ANY legal consequence or justice ? - NONE . Yes REVENGE has been taken one against the other , and always against the innocent for how could they know the perpetrators . No you can not make comparison . As far as "how did Iraq get in that state" ? After the Kuwait invasion the US removed Iraq from Kuwait . Decimated it's Amy , and left Saddam along with his Republican Guard intact . Iraq's infrastructure intact . But Saddam continued to kill Shia in the South and Kurds in the North , so -no fly zones were established under Bush Sr. and Clinton . Again , that did not involve civilians . Then , STILL UNDER CLINTON , Bin Laden with the aid of the Taliban made a first attempt in '93 to blow up the WTC killing US citizens . Then TWO American Embassies in Africa were blown up killing hundreds of African Citizens and several American Citizens - What ? Still no attack on Iraq . Just an Embargo which was FALSLELY BLAMED FOR STARVING CHILDREN which was nothing buy pure B.S. Saddam had the resources to feed his people as the Embargo did not in any way curtail Food and Medical supplies - That is a lie ARABS and MUSLIMS bought . Saddam was busy rebuilding his army and air defenses and a few more palaces for himself and his psychopath sons . If you choose to believe the lie - go ahead . Then the Kobar Towers were blown up n Saudi Arabia killing USAF personnel , and then the USS COLE in Yemen killing USN personnel - what ? Still no invasion . still no Iraqis getting killed except for military in aircraft violating the no-fly zone which was there for the express purpose of protecting Kurds and Shia . Then came 9/11 - all bets were off . Al Queda was guilty ,which EVERYONE knew was behind the attack , Afghanistan was asked to give up Bin laden , they refused and were invaded . Up to that point , I have no problem with US policy . Unfortunately by Saddams blustering and actions , along with the suspicion that Al Queda was somehow connected to Iraq , and the misleading CIA reports of "weapons of mass destruction " add that to Cheney and the rest of the warmongers in Wash.D.C> Iraq was again invaded , and that was a BLUNDER > But again the US Army were not Terrorists . Saddam was removed and the religious faction as well as survivors in the Baath party waged war against the US Army . Iraqis instead of uniting once Saddam was removed descended into Civil War amongst religious factions , all attacking the US ARMY , with no set battlefields or uniformed forces , but throughout the country by forces and factions in city streets . That is what the US Army faced . A government was forme d but now a Shia lead govt.which excluded Sunnis - indiscriminate car bombing and slaughters faction against faction continued unabated with The US Army in the middle ,again walking targets . That is the situation to date , and NO , the USArmy were not and are not Terrorists . Virtually every Iraqi killed in the past few years have been killed by fellow Iraqis , now with Al Queda , and most recently DAESH . So you believe whatever you choose .
  2. The Islamic State

    I don't care if you come around to my way of thinking , you cant anyway . You are not capable of my way of thinking . And never will be. I am taking exception to your way of thinking , it is not possible for me to change it . You say " we should try to make sure it is implemented correctly " ? Seriously ? Will you or anyone else demand that of DAESH ? We are not talking about anything less than the brutal ,needless, merciless, taking of life . I am not capable of your way of thinking . Providing bakeries ,and other "good things " DAESH was doing , was mentioned in abz2000's contorted cut and paste which he offered up as apologetics for DAESH . Your apologetics are in the same vein . Here's a newsflash , a hint for you as it were , when hate speeches are given , it is NEWS , it is also WARNING . You talk as if such speeches should be ignored , like they didn't happen . Speeches are an indication of how people are thinking , acceptance of them is an indication of peoples willingness to accept what is being spoken , and the numbers of people attending such speeches are an indication of an existing status quo that accepts and possibly will act on what is being said in such speeches . Besides that , who told you that only western media is reporting these things ? Have you convinced yourself of that ? Sharia Law is for SOME muslims , not all muslims , and it is certainly not for anyone but muslims . The Middle East only represents a very small portion of muslims in this world , and muslims who wish to live under Sharia Law even smaller . It is by no means a universal desire amomgst muslims to live under Sharia Law , especially Wahabi-inspired Sharia Law .
  3. The Islamic State

    Paradise Lost , I guess I'm not surprised , but you said "good aspects " ? Of DAESH ? Are you serious ? A few posts ago I said people who think this way are part of the problem . You just can not bring yourself to condemn DAESH . Oh I know , "all the west wants to focus on is dead hostages " ? oh my , you indeed are another confused and lost soul . When you murder the way DAESH is murdering THERE IS NO GOOD ASPECT any sane person would consider . Just remember WHO is doing the killing and WHY . Your rationale about " the media giving more attention so as to be of more value to those in power" is some of the most twisted logic I have heard yet on this blog . So maybe the news media should focus on the bakeries DAESH is building huh ? :blink: The sad reality is , that there are people who think they are civilized yet make statements such as yours . :no:
  4. The Islamic State

    Wahidian , in the reference to thermite an explosive , abz2000 is alluding to the conspiracy theory that the attack on 9//11 was perpetrated by "someone else other than those " responsible , by demolition of the buildings rather than the facts that two hijacked airliners were intentionally crashed into WTC 1 & 2 , and that WTC 7 was brought down also by the same devious plotters ,by preset demolition explosives . This has been debunked completely for years , but it just goes to show how ignorance rules a great part of this world .
  5. The Islamic State

    Wahidian , I fear for anyone getting in the way of DAESH . That is why this virus of madmen must be destroyed .
  6. The Islamic State

    LOLOLOL.....here we go ! So we're back to 9/11 ? You're off topic abz2000 start another thread on your theories about 9/11 and who dunnit . What I'm curious about is your seemingly admiration for DAESH . Do you approve what they are trying to do ? From what you 've posted in the way of cut and pastes , you are giving an impression , that you somehow approve DAESH . And you are telling me to what ? "seek the truth " ???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :cool:
  7. The Islamic State

    All events are connected one way or the other . What do you fear ? If DAESH executes their hostages , then only more will come against them than already have . It is not easy to predict what psychotic murderers will do next , only that it will not be anything good .
  8. The Islamic State

    Ad hominem ????? abz2000 please REREAD your post # 80 . You are singing the praises for DAESH . What is one to think ? Yes I know you just cut and pasted it , but WHY put it up to counter a post against DAESH ? You have a problem abz2000 . btw - Read BBC today , and see what other "good deeds " DAESH has recently committed . p.s. abz2000 , I'm not worried .
  9. LOLOL...Aspergers ? And you are a teacher ? You said you came here " NOT to argue the minutiae about your own faith " , but that is EXACTLY what you did when you jumped on the Jesus Thread , not only minutiae but misinformation. Did you bother to read the thread title ? Or any of the arguments pro or con ? Do you know what the argument was ? Drama !
  10. The Terrorism Game

    Dear ala'adin I do red all they people post . And the key to understanding what is being said is, to read inbetween the lines . I am well aware of the US Army , and who they were fighting . And I'm aware of the collateral damage . The US Army is out of Iraq now for almost two years . There is only now a remnant to protect Bagdad and train the Iraqi Army . Yes now there are airstrikes , WHO has requested them ? WHO is DAESH attacking and killing ? With DAESH it is NOT collateral damage , it is all intentional . The battles fought in Iraq were against those who were killing Iraqis were they not ? Wascthe US Army putting car bombs in Masjid , Bakeries , Employment Lines , Police Stations , Schools , Hospitals . WHO was doing that in Iraq ala'adin ? WHO has been doing the car bombings that occur on almost a daily basis in Iraq for the past two years? The US ARMY ? Does the US ARMY attack , and then hide amongst civilians ? Indeed fight from amongst civilians ? Perhaps you are not reading what I have said , nor answered the questions I asked in the post you replied to . Should there be no air strikes against DAESH ? Should the YAZIDI have been left to be cornered an murdered on that mountain ? After the Iraqi army dropped their weapons and ran from DAESH , should that be ignored ? Do you think the Iraqi people want to be ruled by DAESH ? As fir my statement on Sharia Law and TERRORISTS , I think I made my point quite clear . If people choose to live under Sharia Law or desire to live under Sharia Law , I clearly stated that DOES NOT make them terrorists - they become terrorists when they begin to murder and blowup people in order to impose their will . I know you won't accept this fact , but most Iraqis killed in Iraq have been killed by other Iraqis . Maybe you fell that Saddam should have been left in Power free to continue to wipe out Shia in the South and Kurds in the North ? And maybe the invasion into Kuwait by Saddam , should have been ignored ? Iraq did not get to the state it is in overnight .There has been a long chain of events over the past 20 years that have brought the situation to where it is today , and it can not all be blamed on the US . What of the Iran Iraq War ? Was that the fault of the US ? Or was it meddling by Shia Iran into the South of Iraq ? And was that meddling not indirectly caused by the slaughter of Shia by Saddam in the South of Iraq ?
  11. The Islamic State

    DAESH makes no distinction in who they murder . DAESH will not prevail , they will be crushed , but not before much more sorrow and bloodshed . They are however a sign of the times .
  12. Hey dot , show me one post I have made that is disrespectful . Show me one post where I have proselytized . Show me one post where I have attempted to sway another member from their beliefs . If someone says something like Jesus did not die on the cross , I will disagree , and in the same vain if someone says the Prophet came from Norway , I would also take exception . If people are going to make statements that are made out of ignorance to the facts or the historical record , I will take exception and correct them . This obviously upsets people . I have established quite clearly and without deception what my beliefs are , because in most cases I was asked , it is not my fault that some just don't like the answer . As far as Gnosis goes , I think there is a bit too much drama , on her part , for she accuse me of being "a vile person " simply because I told her that Gnosticism and Christianity are mutually exclusive . How that is being vile I can not imagine . And she repeats that I should learn "tolerance " .Really ? I encourage every member I speak to , to hold on to their faith , whatever it may be . If I do not agree with it , that is my choice . I will try to be " nicer " , but I do expect others to be truthful and factual .
  13. The Islamic State

    abz2000 have you considered a trip to the Turkish border ? You seem, like a fan of DAESH. I knew you were a confused and mixed up kid . But be careful , you could be getting yourself into serious trouble . I guess DAESH appeals to sociopaths huh abz2000 ? I was right about you , from your very first post .You are a DAESH sympathizer .
  14. The Islamic State

    You're a pretty confiused person abz2000 . I guess you find it difficult to give an unqualified thumbs down to DAESH . That's pretty telling . If you cant differentiate right from wrong at this late date in time you never will .
  15. The Islamic State

    BTW :happy: This thread is about ISIS , which I chose ,as many others , to refer to as DAESH .There is nothing good about these people ,there is no justification whatsoever for their actions , there is no reason any sane and decent human being can find to even tacitly approve this group of madmen [and women ] . They have given themselves over totally to Evil . :mad: