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Al Shabab Attack On University

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Today , Kenyan Authorities are reporting they have ended an attack at a University there . 147 Students have been slaughtered .

 Those killed were Christians who were  separated out for killing . Al Shabab is affiliated with Al Queda .

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In a better world, a universal force should go and eliminate everyone in that group, as well as every member of buko haram.

But it seems that western powers somehow find it in their interest to leave those Muslim terrorist groups thrive and spread.

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Dot , I don't know how anyone can find it in their interest to allow these groups to spread and thrive .  And I do not pretend to know the motives of any of them , however I can say for certain , that all that can be done to eliminate them ,is definitely not being done . Not only by the Western Powers , but by Regional Powers where they operate .


 It is beyond my imagination to conceive of such minds as of those who perpetrate these horrendous acts .


 It brings to mind something I heard years ago , someone said to me  - "some people just want to see the world burn  " .

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I don't know how anyone can find it in their interest to allow these groups to spread and thrive . .


Its a tried and tested formula: encourage terrorists in places of interest. If there are non, create them. Next, use the media to prepare the public, then go and save the world, and while at it, get the cash/oil/land, whatever.

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I think that's a bit simplistic Dot . No one created the unrest in Syria except Syrians . They were abused by Assad [ just like his father ] and finally revolted - jihadis from around the Globe joined their fight , Al Queda and other groups with their own agenda , joined with the rebels .

    Al Bagdadi decided he will create a Caliphate and he will be the Caliph . Now the cause of the rebels gets lost in sectarian fighting .From this came the opportunity for ISIS to arise . Do you really think ISIS has any concern for the Syrian people who are fighting Assad ? Hardly , they are killing them to .

 And Because ISIS transgressed into Iraq , this brought the Kurds and Iraqis into the fight . So too Iran . So who created ISIS ? If you are implying the west , you are wrong . And that should be clear simply by their own words and actions . You can not blame the west for everything , as people have their own minds , and the minds of ISIS are conceived totally by Al  Bagdadi himself and those who chose to join him .

 I think you know as well as I , that this is morphing into a regional sectarian war, with shifting loyalties. And the trouble in Yemen goes back more than 300 years involving abuse at the hands of the Ottomans . If anyone is using ISIS for their own gain it is the Assad Regime . As for ISIS ? No one but the fanatics of ISIS themselves are responsible for creating ISIS , and no one but the Syrians themselves have brought about their civil war .



For the recent attack in Kenya by Al Shabab of Somalia , there is no oil in Somalia , Al Queda  has created Al Shabab  for it's own purposes . And the trouble in Somalia goes back to the great famine there and the attempts to simply supply them with food . But due to their own internal conflicts , and the fact that the warlords denied delivery of that aid , the US got entangled in a fight with them . There was no creation of terrorists , manipulation of media ,or oil and cash involved .  

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Actually Somalia's history of oil exploration dates back several decades- you should be able to find information about this via a good search.


No doubt oil is something back on the agenda in this region- as  Somalia’s geological formation bears important parallels to that of Yemen, which holds some 9 billion barrels of proven oil reserves.


So I agree with Dot- plenty of stuff to raise eyebrows when forces don't act and wait for the right moment- it is well predicted Somalia may indeed be the next oil boom.

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Actually Somalia's history of oil exploration dates back several decades- you should be able to find information about this via a good search.


No doubt oil is something back on the agenda in this region- as  Somalia’s geological formation bears important parallels to that of Yemen, which holds some 9 billion barrels of proven oil reserves.


So I agree with Dot- plenty of stuff to raise eyebrows when forces don't act and wait for the right moment- it is well predicted Somalia may indeed be the next oil boom.


This does seem a little 'off topic' Regarding so called 'Muslim' activities. I don't see that oil or any thing related to it has anything to do with mass murder of University students - civilians and innocents!


Also btw


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The situation in Somalia  and subsequent attacks on Kenya have  had nothing at all to do with oil .Al Shabbab has joined the ranks of groups like Boko Haram and ISIS .

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You both seem to be batting for the same side and missed the ball...


No one said it had anything to do with OIL- i.e. the killings etc.


It was mentioned that why no foreign forces have played the 'heroes' and come to rid Boko Haram/Al Shabab etc from their mindless oppression.. and it may well be that once the riches of Somalia oil is in full swing.. we may then see the true colours.

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I see your point Doc , but that is an assumption .  Nigeria has oil , and plenty of it , so if oil is the motivator for intervention by foreign entities , then why is nothing being done about Boko Haram ?

  Bush and Cheney are long gone . You can't take one situation and apply it universally . Kenya militarily is weak , and Al Shabbab is supported by Al Queda ,whose members flood into Somalia from around the globe .Who is funding Al  Shabbab ?

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    • By Absolute truth
      436 Masjids Destroyed In Central African Republic: US Ambassador To UN

      DTT: Christian terrorists continue to cause havoc in Central Africa Republic, ignored by the mainstream media. Innocent Muslims have been butchered to death, yet the media have ignored it completely.

      Almost all of the 436 Masjids in the Central African Republic (CAR) have been reduced to rubble, said Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations.

      She called the destruction “kind of crazy, chilling,” after a Security Council visit last week to the country.

      Samantha expressed concern about possible security vacuum in the near future as French forces and European Union (EU) pull out and a UN peacekeeping force is still not at full strength.

      As a minimum, 5000 people have been killed since CAR exploded into unprecedented sectarian violence in December 2013.

      Approximately 1 million of the Texas-sized country’s 4.5 million residents have been changed place. Several of those who have fled are Muslim.

      Samantha said 417 of the country’s Masjids have been smashed. When she pays a visit to one of the remaining Muslim neighborhood in the capital, Bangui, she described the residents as “a terrified population.”

      She added that some Muslim women even scared of leaving the community while wearing their veils and is choosing to give birth in their homes instead of hospital.

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      Clarifying Islam
      If you have any suggestions or notes please let me know.
    • By Saracen21stC
      April 11, 2013

      Recently, a friend forwarded me a link to a web blog. The link points
      to a 400-page document, titled “Islam Virus”, which is a collection of
      misinformation about Islam – how cruel, inhumane and scary Muslims are.
      The owner of the blog mentions that everyone must read the document
      because what is happening in Myanmar today is very dangerous and scary.
      That is, Islam is threatening the existence of Myanmar. Pointing to
      distorted information about gross cruelty, the document urges the people
      of Myanmar to protect Myanmar race and Buddhism by opposing Islam and

      On the left column of the blog site, there are icons (with links) to
      two books. One book is about the colonial-time conflict between Muslims
      and Buddhists, and the other is a well-known anti-Muslim book titled
      “fearful of the extinction of Burmese and Buddhism”.

      On the top of the column was a feature section, labeled National
      Traitors, under which people accused of supporting ethnic Rohingyas are
      listed. They include Dr. Maung Zarni, Harn Yawnghwe of Euro-Burma
      Office, Aung Zaw of The Irrawaddy magazine, Than Win Htut of Democratic
      Voice of Burma, and Burmese section directors of the Voice of America
      and BBC. There are anti-Rohingya posts here and there throughout the

      What I want to say only starts here. Those involved in anti-Muslim
      campaigns consistently claim that Kalars (derogatory term for Muslims
      and South Asians) are taking over Buddhist women and converting them to
      Islam. They also accuse Muslims to be spoiling Burmese woman to destroy
      or swallow Burmese culture.

      Only when I browse through the internet blog, I realize how irrational people are.

      First, the blog urging people to protect Burmese culture and women turns out to a very popular Myanmar web blog.

      Second, and more importantly, it is an abusive and disrespectful blog
      for women. Why? Because it features nude photos of Burmese women and
      leaked videos of Burmese couples. The blog also features photos and
      videos of Burmese women/couples shared by blog visitors.Of course, the
      attention is on ‘women’, especially their ‘passivity’ and ‘suffering’
      during sexual intercourse.

      They found the materials somewhere on the internet, or filmed by
      themselves. Some women, possibly sex workers, allowed the men to film on
      the basis that the films and photos won’t be published on the internet.
      Regardless of the promise, these nude photos and videos made their ways
      to the blog, which is a hard core pornographic blog accessible to
      everyone for free. I will not enclose the blog address here to avoid
      further publicizing of it and its contents, especially the women whose
      privacy the blog has abused.

      As soon as I realized the type of the blog, I immediately saw the
      contradiction: calling for protecting Burmese women from ‘kalar’ on the
      one hand, and abusing women by i) publicizing pirated photos and videos,
      and ii) allowing blog visitors to write sexually abusive comments on
      the other. These comments can be read as verbal rapes. Then, I asked to
      myself, how possibly can these men, shamelessly writing sexually abusive
      comments, protect the nation and the women?

      They said they want to protect the women in order to protect the
      nation, but they are verbally raping the women whose photos and videos
      were pirated. I am amazed how self-proclaimed nationalists claiming to
      protect Burmese women (by means of controlling their sexuality and
      sex-related life) can easily abuse these women. They do not seem to
      think that distributing the women’s nude images for the consumption of
      the men they do not have any inter-personal relations is a plain abuse.

      If they stay true to what they say about protecting the nation, they
      should have opposed to the blog for the sake of the women’s privacy and
      dignity. Far from it, they are the ones disgracing the women; they are
      the one fulfilling their sexual fantasies on a free website. How
      cheap they are!

      This is an important indication that nationalists uttering to protect
      the nation is not a safe refuge for women. These nationalists are in
      fact the enemies of women. They abuse women by dictating personal
      decision over relationship and reproduction. They abuse women by
      exploiting sexuality and body.

      The text said “Sky Net” logo on the TV in the back ground

      To continue with my main point, the blog owner posted the 400-page
      document on August 23, 2012. I thought he changed his attitude. I
      thought he realized he needed to start protecting women and stop abusing
      their private matters. But, the next day, he posted another nude photos
      of a Burmese lady. What is even more surprising is, he highlighted the
      logo of a Burmese channel “Sky net” on the TV in the background to
      confirm that she is truly a Burmese.

      There are many other photos and videos with exact names and locations
      such as cities and countries where the videos were taken. Some
      materials were taken secretly and make available on the internet.

      The blog also links to another website. I am not too sure if
      that belongs to the same person. On the second website, the most popular
      post, as I visited in August 2012, was a nude photo of a Burmese
      medical doctor in Thailand.

      I expected that the woman’s privacy be protected – or at least
      respected – by Burmese nationalists who have been upset and/or worried
      about Kalars taking advantage of Burmese women’s sexuality. To my
      amazement, supposedly the nation-loving and culture-loving blog owner
      only publicized the photos of the doctor. The visitors left more than a
      hundred comments that said they wanted to have intimate relations with
      her (note: of course, their languages were sexually explicit, not even
      some decent comments about woman’s body or the sort, but abusive hard
      core comments). There is no single comment that said the woman’s privacy
      should be respected. The point I want to make is, there is no such
      thing as respect for the woman. It was a plain abuse and disrespect.

      Book titled “Fearful of the extension of Burmese and Buddhism” (Left); Real Burmese Girl (Right)
      The more I browse the blog, the more disturbing things I found. The
      blogger posted the book “Fearful of the extinction of Burmese and
      Buddhism” on the same day as his posting of a Myanmar-born star.
      Similarly, he posted a blog post about Rohingya’s protest in the Middle
      East on the same day as his posting of a pirated video in which a woman
      was being forced to take off her cloth for filming. I found it strange
      that the blog owner was publishing nationalist posts and nude
      photos/videos of women at the same time – how contradicting it is. This
      makes me wonder, if the nationalists are using pornography for
      anti-Muslim campaigns.

      I need to mention another but similar point. The blogger posted
      photos and videos of women specifically in Burmese traditional longyi
      (women skirts). This is because the visitors asked if the women were
      really Burmese. The blog owners highlighted longyi to prove that they
      really were Burmese. I asked to myself: “is this part of Burmese
      nationalism? are they that nationalistic that even their sexual fantasy
      prefer specifically Burmese? This may sounds strange, but it is
      difficult to make sense of how the nationalists can be that sexually
      abusive against the women they said they wanted to protect. Perhaps,
      they do not want Burmese women to have relationships with ‘Kalars’, but
      they think they can abuse the women themselves. Whether or not this is
      how they think, but this is how they appear.

      In any case, the women need not be protected from Kalars, but from
      the Burmese nationalists such as the blog owner and the visitors, the
      sex fanatics who have no respect or what so ever for the women.

      The hard core, sexually abusive comments on this web blog explains
      why anti-Muslim and anti-Rohingya movement in Myanmar is characterized
      with sexually explicit language. Perhaps, they are more or less the same
      people — or the same sort of people. On various websites, insults
      against Muslims in Myanmar have to do with specific words such as male’s
      private part, mother, and the F word, just like the comments on the

      A monk’s swearing against Muslims with male’s private part, mother and the F word

      Translation of the comments:(comment 1) son of a . This is
      our country, Myanmar. If you dog can’t say, leave. Mother f@#$-er.
      Penis. You dog kalar only go to Masjid to f!@# your mother. Penis (9
      times). (comment 2) Penis: (15 times)

      One might say, who care about what’s going on with this web blog.
      This is a website. But I care because this is a million-hit web
      blog. Nationalists one way or other band here together, and the massive
      amount of sexually abusive comments towards women is quite concerning.

      This is a good example of how abusive nationalists can be — to be
      more accurate, how abusive “nationalist men” or “manly nationalism” can
      be. One thing for sure is no woman expects protection from the people
      who do not know the words ‘respect’, ‘privacy’ and ‘dignity’.

    • By Saracen21stC
      At least 130 people are injured and three dead after
      two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday
      afternoon. The injuries include dismemberment, witnesses said, and local
      hospitals say they are treating shrapnel wounds, open fractures and
      limb injuries. An eight-year-old boy is one of the three known dead,
      multiple news outlets reported, and several of the injured are also
      At a Monday night press conference, Gov. Deval Patrick urged
      Bostonians to be vigilant on their morning commute Tuesday, and to
      report any suspicious packages to the police. The FBI has officially
      taken over the investigation, and is treating it as a potential
      terrorist attack.

      Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis stressed that the police had no
      suspect in custody yet. "I'm not prepared to say we are at ease at this
      time," Davis said, when asked if the area was safe.

      "This cowardly act will not be taken in stride," Davis said. "We will turn over every rock to find out who is responsible.''

      Davis said Boston police were not aware of any specific threat to the
      marathon before it began. Police said they had no one in custody and no
      suspects, but the Boston Globe reported that a "person of interest" who
      was injured in the blast was being questioned at Brigham and Woman's Hospital Monday night.

      [Related: Full coverage of the Boston marathon explosions]

      Two large explosions, just 50 yards apart, went off at 2:50 p.m. ET,
      more than four hours into the race. One of the explosions happened near
      the entrance of the Fairmont Copley Hotel in Copley Square. The blast
      scattered hundreds of onlookers and runners, and left a bloody scene of
      injured spectators, including children. Local news reporter Jackie Bruno
      wrote that she saw some people with their limbs blown off.
      The Boston Police Department said it is looking for video footage taken
      from the finish line as part of its investigation. Video footage shows
      first responders and bystanders rushing to the scene of the blast to
      help the wounded.

      Boston Medical Center took in 20 patients, including two children,
      most of whom are being treated for "lower leg injuries," a spokeswoman
      said. A spokeswoman for Tufts Medical Center said the hospital is
      treating nine patients for conditions such as shrapnel wounds, ruptured
      ear drums, and "serious orthopedic and neuromuscular trauma to the lower
      legs." At least one patient was as young as three years old.

      President Barack Obama warned Americans in a brief statement Monday
      evening not to jump to conclusions before authorities find out who
      committed the crime. "We will find out who did this," Obama said in an
      appearance in the White House briefing room. "Any responsible
      individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of
      justice." A White House official said the incident is being treated as
      an act of terror.

      NBC News, citing anonymous law enforcement sources, reported Monday
      that a "small homemade bomb" is believed to be responsible for the
      explosion. The FAA created a no-fly zone around the area. Cell phone
      service was shut down in the area, the AP reported, to prevent any
      remote detonations. Family and friends of marathon runners or spectators
      can call 617-635-4500 for information on their loved ones.

      This video from the Boston Globe shows the moment the bomb went off, and the paper has also pulled together dramatic photos from the aftermath. According to marathon officials, several thousand runners had not finished the race when the explosions detonated.

      Police have evacuated the area on
      Boylston Street to continue sweeping for more devices. Runners who had
      not yet finished the race were stopped at mile 25 and directed to Boston
      Common. The Boston Police Department called in all off duty officers in
      the city. This New York Times map shows where on the route the explosions took place.

      [Related: Photos from the scene of the Boston Marathon explosions]

      Patrick called it a "horrific day in Boston" in a statement.

      The New York Police Department is stepping up security around the
      city in response to the explosion. At the White House, yellow police
      tape was used to block off Pennsylvania Avenue from pedestrians in front
      of the White House's north gates and secret service were positioned
      along the perimeter. Credentialed pass holders continued to be permitted
      entry and exit from both the White House and the Executive Office

      --The Associated Press contributed to this report.
    • By Saracen21stC
      Farah 'held by US customs in terrorism mix-up'
      Double Olympic champion Mo Farah has revealed he was detained by customs officials on a recent trip to the United States, under suspicion of being a terrorist.
      Farah, who was born in Somali but moved to the United Kingdom as a young boy, was held by border control as he returned to the USA - the country where he now lives and trains - over Christmas.
      The runner attempted to show the two Olympic medals he won at London 2012 as evidence of his true identity, but claimed they did not prove sufficient as officials continued to hold him.
      "I couldn't believe it," Farah told the Sun on Sunday. "Because of my Somali origin I get detained every time I come through US customs.
      "This time I even got my medals out to show who I am, but they wouldn't have it."
      It was a slight sour note for Farah, who was in buoyant spirits after discovering he had been awarded a CBE by the Queen in the New Year Honours list.
      "I'm blown away. I'm honoured," said Farah. "For me, 2012 is done and it's time to look ahead. But I'll never forget what everyone in Team GB achieved."
      He added: "It's been a big year. But the best way to end it is with the ones I love."
      Farah has previously had problems with US authorities over his background, having initially experienced issues with his residency permit to live in Portland, where he and his trainer Alberto Salazar have worked together since the start of 2011.
      Attempting to return to the US from Canada, Farah said that he was told his family were under investigation as a terrorist threat, and would have to stay out of the country for 90 days.
      The matter was eventually resolved by an FBI friend of Salazar's, who was able to clear up the misunderstanding.
      "God knows what would have happened if he didn't. We'd probably still be in Toronto," said Farah.
      Read more at http://www.espn.co.u...eq4Gq3H7OUqi.99