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American Terrorist Arrested For Burning Texas Mosque

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A man suspected of burning the Victoria Islamic Center is a homegrown product with an apparent hatred of Muslims, according to testimony Thursday in federal court.

News of the arrest is allowing congregation members to start to shake off the fear that has pervaded their lives, mosque spokesman Abe Ajrami said.

“This incident really shook us to the core,” Ajrami said at a news conference at the site of the burned Masjid. “I hope people understand that this is not something we watched on TV or read in the newspaper. This is something we lived daily.”

Prosecutors presented evidence Thursday alleging Victoria resident Marq Vincent Perez, 25, burglarized the Masjid twice in January and set the building on fire the second time. A March 3 raid on Perez’s North Jecker Street home recovered homemade explosive devices and electronics reported stolen from the Masjid.

After the fire was ruled an arson in early February, investigators have searched for the person or people responsible. Before Perez’s arrest, investigators have held back from describing the arson as a hate crime.

“If you ask our honest opinion, we were hoping that a miracle would happen and this would not be a hate crime,” Ajrami said.
Despite Perez’s lack of a criminal record, a federal judge ultimately found him to be a “serious danger” to the community and likely to flee if released, ordering him kept in U.S. Marshals’ custody.

Perez is charged with the possession of a destructive, incendiary device. That sole charge stems from a Jan. 15 incident in which Perez is suspected of attempting to set a car on fire by igniting fireworks taped together. A confidential informant who admitted to burglarizing the Masjid Jan. 22 and 28 with Perez also identified Perez as the arsonist, special agent Rick Miller of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives testified Thursday.


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This is so sad :( I remember a few years ago in Cleveland (kinda close to where I live) they had someone drive a car through the front of the Masjid (or masjid? I've heard both terms used. Is there a difference?). I was heartbroken. A lot of Jewish centers are also facing similar discrimination recently in America. I really don't understand why people can't leave people alone to practice their religion. It's despicable that anyone should have to feel threatened for believing what they believe. 

Recently I was speaking with some Muslim women at my community college who were wearing the full face veil, and I was asking them if they had felt any pushback since Trump became president. I was shocked to learn that people threw water bottles at their car on the highway while driving home from university one day. If they had hit their window they could have been seriously hurt. It broke my heart. These ladies are just trying to do what they feel is right for their spirituality...and they have to worry about their safety on a daily basis. You all are pretty inspirational who hold to your faith when facing all these kinds of discrimination. 

Can you recommend any ways that non-Muslims can be good 'allies' to Muslims? 

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