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The days go by my cheeks grow redder…..

The nights go by my will grows weaker…..

My eyes burn in remembrance my bed grows softer

As I hold you tighter, in my memory, my love grows sadder and somber

And as I see I rejoice!

But cry deep down inside

Fighting to hold back hands from reaching for your hands, tranquility hopeful

And biting on my tongue to hold back and censor, words of trouble

Guards are watching

Wali will deny me

Young love they deny but what is money but a circular instrument of division and time and corruption?

Can’t we all get along?

Or to Jahannam with this university, except when included in your questions shyly

With your soft, delicate voice

The days go by and all I want is you



this isn't the same girl i mentioned, who i had a troubling and haram friendship with. someone else. im 19 btw

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