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  1. What happened to the Forum?

    I have no clue. I'm new to this forum and I thought the exact same thing. I even stopped coming here. Maybe intelligence services shut down the site for extremist links? I didn't see anything on here inciting violence, though, but then again, I hardly used the site.
  2. The suffering in Turkey

    its obvious that the muslims here worship taghut. namely idol worship of the sufyani sultan erdogan.
  3. The suffering in Turkey

    170,372 dismissed from their jobs, 141,558 detained, 80,147 arrested, 3,003 schools, universities, and dormitories shut down, 6,021 academics censored and lost their jobs, 4,463 judges and prosectors lost jobs, 189 media outlets shut down, and 319 journalists arrested, all since july 20,2016. people including teachers, professors, more journalists than any other country, union workers, housewives of suspected gulenists, pkk members, or furkan vakfi members, their babies (700+ of them last i checked), doctors, businessmen, etc. a minority of whom are soldiers after the failed coup, also including lawyers and judges. all of whom may be susceptible to torture, often merely for using bylock, a messaging app, accused of being linked to the gulen movement. teachers dying in prison of torture, people waiting years in prison before trial, people snitching on their neighbors like a witchhunt if they dont like them, (imagine, you want to marry a woman, she says no, so you report her as gulenist terrorist), among the worst censorship in the world, corruption, workers burning themselves alive because of poor working conditions and low pay (BEFORE US sanctions) covered up and censored by the media, threats against women in prison to cause a miscarriage, rape of soldiers in prison, and beating until they are bloody, feeding of pork, imprisonment of up to 4 years for "insulting erdogan", and designation of furkan vakfi jamaat as a terror group simply because the leader insulted erdogan. overcrowding in prisons, denial of food and water to soldiers and keeping of a light in their eyes to keep them awake. i know all this because i am turkish. look it up for yourselves. i cant provide a link as a newbie.
  4. The days go by, all I want is you

    why is no one responding?
  5. The days go by my cheeks grow redder….. The nights go by my will grows weaker….. My eyes burn in remembrance my bed grows softer As I hold you tighter, in my memory, my love grows sadder and somber And as I see I rejoice! But cry deep down inside Fighting to hold back hands from reaching for your hands, tranquility hopeful And biting on my tongue to hold back and censor, words of trouble Guards are watching Wali will deny me Young love they deny but what is money but a circular instrument of division and time and corruption? Can’t we all get along? Or to Jahannam with this university, except when included in your questions shyly With your soft, delicate voice The days go by and all I want is you this isn't the same girl i mentioned, who i had a troubling and haram friendship with. someone else. im 19 btw
  6. Heartbreak of premarital relationship

    why is no one responding? i nearly drank perfume from heartbreak and had thoughts of suicide or self harm. curse be to all of you who refused to reply.
  7. I was in a premarital friendship with a Muslim girl, and I have disabilities such as severe anxiety, wiswas, OCD, ADHD (impulsivity basically, which can not be treated by ANY MED, believe me I've tried, it only causes horrible side effects), autism, slight depression. so i became friends with her, and exchanged snapchats, and she didn't even give me her real name after I had forgot it, saying she accidentally said it and insisted I refer to her by her nickname. I had anxiety attacks, because I was so not used to this, instead I was used to being socially isolated. But I decided to stick with seeing her. But only one day passed and it ended. Because Eid started today, and I went to go see my professor before class started, but she was seeing her students at the end of class, and i asked if i could ask a question, and i asked, then asked if i could stay, and i asked the girl if i could chat with her, but she said she had to go, so I got worried she was trying to run away from me because i texted her too much, yesterday and today, and i tried finding her to apologize, but i felt that only made it worse, so i asked the professor if i could go home for eid, and she said yes. i look back and realize i got paranoid a lot and acted creepy a lot, without her realizing it. i dont wanna say what i did because my mother's spies may be watching. anyway, i went home, but my mother was FURIOUS! she said, how DARE you miss college for Eid???????? youre missing the curriculum!!!!!!! just go to the prayer, meet people, and go to school!!!!!!! she even gossiped about me to my grandmother. in front of me. i feel terrible. i went through such horrible anxiety, self doubt, self consciousness, guilt, shame, worry her parents may not be letting her date, and now i want to know, you see, i know it is haram, so how can i make it right? how can i repent? how do i not be punished for this?
  8. The suffering in Turkey

    why is no one responding? do you all worship erdogan, or Allah?
  9. Heartbreak of premarital relationship

    turns out her parents weren't letting her talk to boys anyway.
  10. Heartbreak of premarital relationship

    just got constantly anxious from waiting for her to text me, then she would text me, over and over, and then, i said something inappropriate and she implied it was, and in order to avoid embarassment i blocked her. now i have to face her at school.
  11. Heartbreak of premarital relationship

    nevermind, i reinitiated the friendship because you slowpokes were too slow to respond
  12. The suffering in Turkey

    Many Turkish Parliament members also sit in prison, including selahattin demirtas, former leader of the HDP, which had significant seats in parliament, who got a life sentence.
  13. The suffering in Turkey

    Turkey is officially ranked by human rights groups as "not free" on a scale. and even if one deletes bylock on their phones they still get arrested.
  14. I was wondering......you see, I am 19, and when I graduate college I intend on getting married. If I married a Jewish or Christian woman would she go to hell for disbelief if she does not convert? if she would, what is the purpose of getting married? also, according to yasir qadhi, ibn abbas said interfaith marriage is only for within an Islamic country, due to the possibility of divorce and/or children turning away from Islam. What is the scholarly view? (I was born in and live in the West)
  15. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    Nevermind, I take it back, those groups might be misguided, and israel is evil and should not be used as a means to an end and Egypt is a mere puppet.
  16. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    and by my people, i am not referring to palestinians, i am referring to a certain group of groups of oppressed turks.......
  17. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    I hate israel, too, but the way I see it, everything happens for a reason, and with tensions brewing around Cyprus, I hope Egypt and israeli military invade Turkey for what they did (Erodgan's regime, the biggest zionist, which has seen trade with israel increase tenfold under his regime and israeli commandos train to kill gazans on his soil) to my people (I'm Turkish btw).
  18. Hi! I'm new!

    I look forward to being a part of this forum. My name is Sinan.