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Eye Make Up And Wudu

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As salaam alaykum 


I have a question about 2 eye make ups. Mascara and eyeliner. 

what is the ruling for these in relation to wudu. Must they be removed before we pray?


Would eyeliner that is applied to the inner bottom part of the eye need to be removed since it is in the waterline?


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Wa alaykum Salaam


In the main the scholars have said that if something (be it make up or whatever) blocks the path of water to part of the body when performing Wudhu it should be removed. As water must touch the areas of the body which are necessary to be washed. I know that if the mascara is waterproof and so it does not let the water touch the eyelash hair that mascara needs to be removed.


With regard to eye liner i would imagine this is same as Kohl??? The ruling I know of is that it is to be removed when perfoming Wudhu, since this is the matter related to prayer and its requisites, all precautions should be undertaken.

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