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Is there any other right apart from Zakah e.g. tax to be paid on a property?

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beneficiaries of zakat

- Zakah is a calculated periodic right payable from a property and it is an individual obligation upon everybody that has the csapacity to pay it.

- On one’s property there are other rights apart from Zakah, which are characterised by being contingent and are not calculated according to any known formula as Zakah is. They are also not as constant as Zakah and do not become obligatory due to the presence of money; rather, they become obligatory due to some contingent reasons, and the ownership of money is a condition for it being obligatory. Examples include spending on ones parents, relatives, wife, and in the prevention of any harm in times of disaster when the public treasury cannot take care of it.

- Levies/taxes do not spare one from Zakah, even if they are equitable. Zakah is a form of worship, while tax is a civic duty and one does not replace the other.

source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/people-to-whom-zakat-is-paid-and-how-it-is-paid

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