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  1. Celebrating World Hijab Day

    I think there is nothing wrong with celebrating the world hijab day if it gives us positive result...
  2. Celebrating World Hijab Day

    Assalamu-alai-kum-oa-rahmatullah.... Now a days I am thinking on an issue named 'world hijab day'. I think the day is 1st February and it is celebrating since 2013. The day is only for raising awareness on wearing the hijab for both Muslim and non Muslim women. My question is- according to Islamic point of view is there any problem celebrating the day?
  3. Dear all sisters, Hello and As-salamu-alaikum-wa-rahmatullah. Hope the almighty has kept you well. :happy: You may aware of "Mighty Muslimah", the universal platform of worldwide Muslim women has recently been launched with a view to bridge between modern, dynamic, creative and philanthropic Muslim women like you and those are lagging behind for various reasons to bring them forth removing the overshadowing predated socio-religious, political and hundred other barriers to set a conscious course of innovative life for millions of our sisters of the world through this virtual platform. In order for fulfilling the vision, "Mighty Muslimah" is inviting the online activists/bloggers/guest writers from all available communities to be an active part of the Blog. In view of the above, you are cordially invited to visit the site and be a change maker through sharing your unique story, fight, and way of life. You may like to write blog on relevant issues and events around you. You also may support/donate through http://mightymuslimah.com/support/. Please feel free to ask at info[at]mightymuslimah.com if you need any other query. May Allah (SWT) bless, and shower His mercy on all of us, Ameen... ma'salaama, with peace "Mighty Muslimah" team
  4. Dear all, Hello and As-salamu-alaikum-wa-rahmatullah. I am afraid of an issue called “Atheism”. I think everybody is surrounded with a different religion. And every religion purifies human’s nature. Though human nature is really so mysterious! If so why some of the people say there is no god? It’s a matter of sorrow that many of them are famous to their work in the world! In my country (sorry to say it is Bangladesh) recently an American atheist blogger, named Avijit Roy who spoke out against religious extremism and intolerance has been hacked to death. So my question is- what about the punishment of an atheist and is it halal to hack him cruelly…? What is the declaration of Qur’an regarding the issue…? :cry:
  5. Prayers Please

    Try to care your baby with a deep attention. May Allah (SWT) bless, and shower His mercy on your innocent son, Ameen... :innocent:
  6. My Introduction

    Thanks to join with us. I hope also we'll be helpful getting your ideas and knowledge. Your staying here can be more bennifitted to all of the members of this community...!
  7. Arsalan's Blog

    I think from my little knowledge that blog writing about Islam is a way of Dawah. So I will appreciate if you do that. But there should have sahih reference of your writing...
  8. Why Should We Hate Non-Believers

    It is true they don't have any pure knowledge on Qur'an, so it is our duty to raise the voice of Qur'an in front of the world...! I believe this forum has one of the great efforts to do that and it is really appreciated by us. We should reach at least a single word of Qur'an to the non-believers...
  9. Assalamu Alaikum Oa Rahmatullah, Recently I’ve studied a list of Atheist of USA who don’t believe in God or the creator of the Universe. 39 suparstars have in the list and all of them are top class celebrities. I am really surprised…! I think everybody should have a religion. Because religion makes the human perfect. Every religion speaks “don’t make a sin”. I thing all of the atheists have a huge number of fans. The matter of sorrow is many Muslim people are also fans of them. My question is- Why do we follow those celebrities who don’t believe in God…? :no:
  10. Dear all members, Assalamu Alaikum Oa Rahmatullah, Many times a question is appearing in front of my eye- Why do we celebrate thirty first night however we are Muslim? I have observed once again and I really shocked that many Muslim country celebrated thirty first night in last year and I am afraid that coming 14 February recognize as a valentine day. I believe it’s a matter of shame. Because Islam doesn’t support those kind of festivals and many Muslim people get enjoy that day and night wherever we have forget the day of Badr in 17 Ramadan, day of Uhud in 3 Shawwal and so on…! So why are we forgetting the Islamic memorable days…??? We know many Muslim Women are struggling against various social issues. As a Muslimah I believe from core of my heart that we have some responsibilities to stop this non Islamic harmful culture from our society…! Otherwise we can’t be recognizing as a Muslim. Allah (swt) save and forgive us…! :no:
  11. I'm Tired Of Those People

    I think all the people of this forum are not equal in their approach. So some repeating can be happened. But I think there should be a sub-forum for the "social problems" where we can share the social issue and find the solution.
  12. Child Marriage In Islam

    I am really very grateful for the clearance you have mentioned regarding the issue. While I was reading the reply suddenly I moved to a online newspaper and I shocked to see a news. "In Kosovo 7 school going teens girls were pregnant after going to a study tour". I was really very surprised to read the whole article...! How ashamed the situation is...!!! Allah (SWT) save all of us...! :cry:
  13. Actually Islam is a way of life. Normally If we believe in the creator of the universe, we have to be surprised regarding the process of this mechanism! Because without any super power no one can creat this beautiful world. Thant's why the people who were reverted into Islam, they have thought about this matter. So Islam has an hidden appeal and it attract every people of the world. .
  14. Assala Mu Alaikum Oa Rahmatullah, I would like to share a global issue named “child marriage”. According to UNCRC (United Nations convention on the rights of the child) it is prohibited to give our children’s marriage under 18 years of age. But regarding the issue what is the position of Islam? Child marriage is a really a pathetic matter to a country, especially for third world. But are there any bindings to arrange a child marriage in Islamic philosophy...?
  15. Assalamu Alaikum Oa Rahmatullah. I would like to know about a sensitive issue in our country Bangladesh. Some of the villagers in Bangladesh celebrate every Eid-ul Fitr similar to Saudi Arabia celebrated when countrywide celebrates after Saudi Arabia. My question is- is it acceptable to celebrates any religious festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr before the new moon has shown on the sky? Please share your thinking according to Islamic policy…