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  1. I've Been Away.... Will Be Back Soon

    Any of you old guys about?
  2. Where Is Shaidmahmood ?

    Salaam guys, any of the old folk still around? It’s been a while.
  3. Off Limits Ideas?

    Lol [at] Athiests. I've always wondered does an athiest need justification as to why their parents 'need' respecting. It makes me wonder if i see someone father akin to mickey mouse do they have a right to be offended or are they just behaving 'off-limits'.
  4. What Should Be The Punishment Of An Atheist?

    Hacking people is never an acceptable form of punishment.
  5. Do you know what i really hate. Non Muslims who bang on about how evil Muslims and Sharia Law happens to be but then they will not accept an invite to come and discuss their grievances and actually learn about it from Muslims themselves. Why are they so cowardly? Why are they nothing outside of their own comfort zones? I really wish such people would man up and either learn about Islam or just move on. Why do they insist on spreading lies? When i wanted to learn to drive, i went to see a driving instructor When i wanted to learn to write, i went to see a teacher When i wanted to learn about Christianity, i went to see a Christian It's fairly logical really when you want to learn about Islam learn from the Muslims not from some bigoted website.
  6. Why Should I Follow Religion?

    Hahahah if you are using wiki Islam as a source then it's hardly surprising your lost. Now I'm not the best Muslim out there and some of my thoughts are certainly going to get me in hell however I genuinely feel you are here to troll and nothing else. Sorry bud. I usually have a lot of respect for atheists but when they come up with links to bigotry websites then they loose all credibility.
  7. Boko Haram In Africa

    ^^^^^^^^ Agreed
  8. I Am Sorry, But....

    Ten points for originality for that man :P I must be doing it all wrong then lol :stuart:
  9. Suicide Is Expressly Forbidden In The Qur'an.

    Congratulations.... :) Indeed it is. Now i suppose your next question is going to be 'so why do it then?'. I can answer that. The same way murder is illegal in most countries yet people still commit murder. Furthermore nearly all suicide bombings are either political or 'harming the enemy' motivated. Not religious.
  10. I Am Sorry, But....

    I agree, we need a balance of power as at the moment the non Muslims world pretty much holds the Muslim world at ransom stating do as we say or we will throw a hissy fit and plan to get violent by means of sending thousands of heroes armed to their teeth to kill your people who dare fight back.
  11. Can We Define "moderate Muslim" ?

    A moderate Muslim is one who has diluted his deen to be a set of rituals and fancy holidays. Everything else means you are an extremist.
  12. Deadly Suicide Bombing In Pakistan

    Whoever is responsible will find a warm place in hell waiting for them.
  13. Hi

    Hi, Use manners and be friendly and everyone will get along fine :-) Shaid
  14. Help A Brother In Need

    Have you tried talking to your rent collector asking for some leeway? Can you not get a local shelf stacking or cleaning job at the local shops? Have you tried any of the above?