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Here is a quick guide that we have prepared for those who have just reverted to Islam, with links to what they need to know and learn in their first steps in the beautiful religion of Islam. Please click each topic for details and simple tutorials:
How to say the shahada (declaration of faith) and instantly become a Muslim.

Essential Quran for new muslims and Learn To Recite The Quran

How To Perform Ablution (wudu) Before Praying
How To Pray
How to say the tashahud
Prayer Times
New Muslim's Frequently asked questions
First Steps in Islam

How To Wear Hijab (for sisters)

English translation of the meanings of the Quran and here

Muhammad, The Messenger Of Allah
50 Basic Q&A About Islam
Free Arabic Quran Skype Lessons
How To Say Iqama (Iqamah) Before Prayers 
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