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  1. Madani Channel is a renowned religious channel of Pakistan. This channel is run by Dawateislami. It is one of the unique Islamic channels where displaying un-Islamic things like the playing of music, displaying of commercials, etc. is strictly prohibited. Therefore the channel has a wide range of programs watched by many Muslims every day from across the globe. For the convenience of people, Dawateislami launched a mobile application for the transmissions of the Madani channel. With this mobile application, people can watch the Madani channel's transmission through their smartphone. This mobile app is available for both Android & iOS users, you can downloads it from their respective app stores.
  2. Hey everyone, how are you?


  3. An international organization launched an online academy known as "Quran Teacher". This academy offers online classes for many Islamic courses like prayer course, Hajj & Umrah, Quran reading and memorization, and many others. They allow students to choose class timings as per their routine so that they can start the learning journey with ease.
  4. As we know this is the tech era, many organizations are providing online classes for religious courses. Quran Teacher is one of these online academies that teach Islamic courses through online classes to male and female students across the globe. There are almost 30+ online courses in their curriculum. This academy allows students to choose class timings as per their schedule so that they can start their learning journey with ease. Some of the courses they offer are mentioned below; Quran Nazra course (Reading course) Quran Hifz course (Memorization course) Hajj & Umrah courses prayer course Translation & Tafseer courses Ramadan & Zakat courses Arabic Grammar course And many other courses are available on their website (www.QuranTeacher.net).
  5. Dawateislami has launched numerous mobile applications to spread the message of Islam in the world. Recently they developed a mobile app called Kalma and Dua. In this application, 6 Kalimas, different Duas, and some Sunnat-o-Adaab are available to educate our children. It's one of the best educational apps for kids with eye-catching animations and a colorful user interface.
  6. Fifa World Cup 2014

    Who won the 2014 cup?
  7. 7 Lettered Word

    Difficult riddle.
  8. Recite Quran Perform Nafl Give Sadaqah and perform good deeds as much as possible.
  9. Eid Mubarak

    And now it's 2021.
  10. 5 Things To Do On Laylatul Qadr

    I think giving Sadaqah on Laylatul Qadr is also a very good deed.
  11. Ramadan Guide

    If you want to know more about this holy month you may take admission into the Ramadan course introduced by www.QuranTeacher.net and learn valuable information through online classes just sitting at home. In this course, you can learn the importance of Ramadan and detailed rulings regarding fasting including problems & their solutions, and other information as well.
  12. Blessings of Ramadan

    Increase your knowledge by reading a book named "Blessings of Ramadan". It is an informative book in which you can find useful information about Ramadan. You can read the information on the following topics; Virtues of Ramadan The four names of Ramadan The Virtue of Zikr in Ramadan The reward of fasting The purpose of fasting More topics are also available in this book, click the picture below to download this book.
  13. Whoever wants to get prayer timings alerts on their smartphone, download this Prayer Times mobile app. It has a lot of features in which some are Azan alerts, Qibla locator, Hijri calendar (Lunar date), monthly prayer timetable.
  14. Practical Tajweed Classes

    Anyone wants to learn tajweed should begin their lessons with Qaida which is a basic step towards learning the tajweed rules.
  15. Prayer times in Karachi

    Yeah it's right that prayer timings are different across the world, and often who travels faced difficulties in finding the timings of prayers. But you know technological advancement have make our life easier, there are lots of mobile apps out there which can provide prayer timings and locate Qibla direction as well.
  16. Back after 3 years

    Didn't you read guidelines?
  17. The Muslim's Character

    You may also try this self improvement mobile app in your daily life and improve yourself as a better Muslim.
  18. Wanna play again? species
  19. Nice :)

    Are these actual names?
  20. Long Time No See.

    It's been a long time.
  21. Arabic/english Quran

    You can also check this Quran Mobile Application in which you can recite Quran with translation and interpretation and also listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran as well.
  22. How To Pray

    In the method of Salah some actions are Farz and without performing them the prayer will not count. Some actions are Wajib and to purposely miss them is a sin and it would be essential to repeat the prayer (Salah). Read this book www.dawateislami.net/bookslibrary/230
  23. Prayer Times

    The digital features of the Prayer Times Mobile apps can provide the prayer time’s details of the whole year. 90% of the world's Muslims do not speak Arabic and so this application has created ease for those traveling around the world and countering problems to acquire the right time of prayers.
  24. Dare To Be True Game

    No Do you commit any good deed in last 24 hours??