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  1. Prayers Please

    May Allah cure him and bless him with a good life. Keep us posted.
  2. The Terrorism Game

    What Guerilla war? the US army bombs from skies and levels the ground, they use drones indisciminantly is other countries outside the middle east. Who was the enemy at the start of the Iraq war? What made Iraq an enemey to the US? I do not give them any credit, fighting in an illegal occupation, with superior might and technology. People should have the courage to stand up to what is wrong, not follow orders blindly. Your definition of terrorism changes with each post, you need to stay consistent. Your right there is no reason to blow up Police stations and bakeries, yet this is what the US army did from the skies. Including hospitals and residence towers. To stand behind this notion that collateral is acceptable and in fact is accepted is the exact reason as to why the soldiers treated the iraqis so poorly. So what if we 'accidentally' killed a dozen, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. One life is sacred, one! yet over 115000 civilian, many of which were women and children. Entire families wiped out, yet this is not by stratergy? What was their stratergy then. I recall listening to an interview with a former General of the US army who said "the only way to stop these people is to make them taste what they can lose, no one wants to bury their own family" the answer was in reference to the amount of civilians killed. His statment showed they thought the killing of civilians brought down the morale of the iraqi's and would make them surrender. Continuing on the policy, more and more we find out about the torture that was used in the detention camps in Iraq, the rape and the humiliation committed by many soldiers, not just a few. What made them think it was perfectly fine and why didnt these, 'brave' couragous individuals as you like to call them stand up for the basic human rights of the people, in their own damn country! That was a blunder! You call close to 1m iraqis being killed 3m being displaced a blunder? Seriously what is going on in your mind. there is no word to describe it that i can think of. The US Army must take full responsibility, do you think that you can declare war on a country for no reason, based on fabrication, destroy its major cities and infrastructure, blow up hundreds of thousands of people, leaving others heavily injured, maimed and disabled, then expect the country to welcome you with open arms? No country in the world would accept that. Saddam was removed and Iraqs army was defeated, they had no uniform to fight under. Do not make the US Army to be innocent they are far from it. They killed, injured, displaced, raped and tortured. Then on top of that they showed their true colours when defending the interests of the US, namely oil sites. They then backed a government hell bent on revenge against the sunni population, but a government that bowed down to the US wishes. You may not want to admit it, but the evidence is clear, and America walks away from this all without a single charge to it name. They committed some of the worse crimes in history in Iraq and yet it is overlooked.
  3. The Terrorism Game

    Aligarr, Did the US army commit acts of terrrorism? becuase based on your definition in previous posts, they did. I have not tried to say that all iraqis are innocent, however who caused the situation to be like that? There are many ways to remove a dictator. A full scale invasion is not the best one. Again i dont support DAESH, yet you seem to love bringing them back up constantly! Lets look at this another way. If the 'noble' US Army cared so much about civilians, where was the defence of the people of homs, when they were left defenceless in a city with no food and facing constant shelling from the Assad regime. Lets move away from the arab states for a min. What about in Burma where there is outright brutal ethnic cleansing going on. Or even in Africa? Lets not kid ourselves about these airstrikes. Again you are not reading what i am writing! Im not saying what you think, im saying how it is portrayed in the media and the view held by the common person now. Secondly that is not a fact, reports suggest that US military is responisble for over 116000 civilian deaths and that is a very conservative number. can you still call all those live collaterall? You seem to be getting very defensive, i never once advocated the killing or wiping out of any people. Nor did i advocate illegal occupation. rather you seem to be trying hard to justify the blatant acts of terrorism of the US. Again i repeat there are many conflicts in different regions however the super powers only get involved when their interests are met, not for humanitarian reasons. They side with a regime which suits them and turn a blind eye so long as it suits them. Do not forget America played a key part in the Iranian revolution, which led to meddling. Do not forget that Saddam hussein was honured in the united states and seen a friend. I think you need to be honest with yourself and accept what is fact, that according to your definition the US army has carried out terrorism and supports terrorist/extremist governments.
  4. The Terrorism Game

    It seems that you do not really read what we write, you just select a few things then make up your own conclusion. I agree though with what you said, just because i want to live being ruled by the sharia law does not make me a terrorist, however 'study groups' in the west would label me as an 'Islamist' and a muslim with extreme tendancies. Clear proof on this if you dont believe me research into any Muslim speaker that preaches sharia. "It's when they start murdering and blowing up people to accomplish and establish that end , that is what makes them terrorists ." This statement from who i really like, I would like to know what you think where the US army falls under this. They have burdered and blown up a lot more Iraqi's than DAESH (I do not support DAESH at all). You failed to answer my question about Isreal.
  5. The Terrorism Game

    You say the US has donated 3.5 billion (not sure where you got this from) to the palestinians? How much of that actually gets to them and how much has isreal siezed? This is the same US that funds and backs the Isreali atrocities in gaza and the westbank, their constant breach on international law. The same US that consistently Veto's palestines efforts to be internationally recognised. Do not kid yourself into thinking that the US cares about palestine. Hamas may have been responisble for the killing of US citezens but so has Isreal. Not sure if you recall when they ran over two americans with a bulldozer trying to stop some demolition. Not to mention the various kilings of people from other nations. People who suicide bomb are usually called terrorist? what do you call people that trap people in an high walled prison (GAZA) and then drop bombs and fire mortar indiscriminantly from the beyond the walls. What would you call people that drop white phosphurous from the sky and who sit on top of the hill and cheer as bombs land as if it was a fire work display??? I do not exxagerate in the slightest, when Morsi of egypt mentioned it the whole of ikhwaan was labelled as Islamist, when any political group with sharia inclination mentions it they are labelled. do not be naive. Secondly, Saudi does not implement sharia law, ask anyone. France banning the Niqab? is that not extreme, forcing people?
  6. The Terrorism Game

    Aligarr, I agree with what you have said, that the US should have no right in deciding how other countries choose to be governed. Yet this has been a contested issue throughout. Anytime a group wishes to establish Shariah law, they are determined to be an 'Islamist' Group and tainted as extreme. Even in Palestine, Gaza, the most transparent election ever, where the people voted for Hamas as their leaders. The US intervened and has called the group voted by the people for the people illegitimate. The other point you made is the crux of the matter. The middle east has oil, which is a resource the west craves and requires in abundance. During the oil embargo in the early 1970's put in place by King Faisal becuase of the US's support of Isreal, Kissenger who was at the time the secretary of state, threatened to military action against saudi and to sieze the oil fields. This speaks volumes about Americas foreign policy. As Bush said, your either with us, or against us. which shows the mentalilty, very similar to that of a bully.
  7. Muslim Lives Matter

    Aligarr- Again i never said the media did not call it a hate crime, and you are wrong if you think the media is not quick to call anyone a terrorist. In order for a person to be proven as a terrorist there needs to be an investigation into the matter, there is rarely an investigation before a person is labelled and as the saying goes mud sticks!. I find it strange that you are defending the media when it is in fact their job to sensationalise the news. Finally, i would be interested to hear what you consider to be the definition of a terrorist.
  8. I find it disturbing how you refer to muslims as 'apes' and find us 'disgusting'. Sounds very similar to nazi germany and the view they adopted of the jews, before they murdered them in cold blood. Good thing you are a minority and a keyboard warrior.
  9. What Is Jizya

    LOL, your comments are laughable....
  10. Muslim Lives Matter

    Aligarr- while you mention that this may not be a hate crime and it may well prove not to be one (which i highly doubt) The media is very quick to jump and label any muslim a terrorist and the general public also get on the bandwagon. even if he might look remotely arab people jump to the conclusion. Take for the example of kiling of jean carlos de meneze on the london underground. The intial media reports where muslim terrorist alongside this you had "eye witnesses" coming forward saying he was arab and was heard talking arabic. Only for all of that to be dubunked later. The game the media is playing like i said before is very dangerous
  11. Muslim Lives Matter

    All lives matter... no one will disagree with that. While i do agree this has recieved enough media attention, the media needs to look deeply at how they report crime as i feel they are responsible for a lot of attacks on muslims, including this one. By labelling any criminal who has any muslim affiliation as a terrorist has planted a dangerous seed in the minds of many.
  12. You have some serious issues, Just because there are claims that a masked man using fire arms was shouting in arabic, does not automatically make him muslim. In the same way a masked man shouting in english, does not make him a christian. Secondly your statement about those who choose to become muslim is simply absurd and shows your mentalilty. maybe you need to sit down and reflect on what the real problems are. Because i can tell you in Europe the problems are not the muslims...
  13. What Has Happened To The Forum?

    just accept your a brother now.. bro paradise... henceforth that shall be your name... lol
  14. I didnt run away, nor did my parents... Its alarming, the growing extremism towards muslims... the good people of Europe... who are these good people you talk about? Fund wars in countries overseas instead of fixing poverty on their own streets. I had to deal with an idiot from America recently who wanted to fight with me because he 'discoverd' im muslim. The beard and name should have been a give away. I hope your not cut from the same cloth 'october'
  15. What Has Happened To The Forum?

    I agree... need to get more involved again!!