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    Proving you wrong. politely.
  1. Why Islam Is Only True Religion From God

    Started from 2011 now we here xD :lol:
  2. Spreading Islamic Rule By Force

    Meh, I was just busy :)
  3. Spreading Islamic Rule By Force

    Well, from what I know, King Roderic of Spain had some disputes with the royal family of Wittiza, his predecessor. Some accounts say the family fled to Muslim-controlled Tangier in around 714 or something, and took refuge there. Some accounts also say that the daughter or wife of a Count, Julian, was raped by Roderic so Count Julian invited the Muslim forces from Tangier to invade the Kingdom. The Visigothic Kingdom was in a state of civil war, so maybe the Muslim forces hoped for some plunder and a future alliance with the side they were helping. When the power of the Kingdom crumbled ad they were defeated perhaps the Muslims were encouraged to take control due to the ensuing power vacuum. That is all I know of the matter and I hope you are satisfied.
  4. Spreading Islamic Rule By Force

    You have a pretty twisted perception of Islam, if i may say so. Islam is NOT meant to be spread by the sword. In the times of the Caliphs, during the conquests all non-Muslims living in a conquered town were given the choice of Islam, or Jizya, the poll tax, after which they would be under Muslim protection, but if they did not agree to either of these, they were asked to vacate the premises, as is evident in the Conquest of Jerusalem by Hazrat Umar. The Quran explicitly states that Jihad is nothing more than a means of self defense and to throw off oppressive forces. "Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not the transgressors." It is true that Muslims are enjoined to spread Islam by preaching through their actions and words, but nothing more. I think it is maybe YOU who should be aware of what's going on.
  5. Spreading Islamic Rule By Force

    The question of whether or not spreading Islam/Islamic Rule is permissible is dealt with in the verses, "There is no compulsion in religion" and "Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not the transgressors".
  6. Spreading Islamic Rule By Force

    As you wish, Sir. During the life of the Holy Prophet as well, there were a few conflicts with the Persian and Byzantine Empires. Chosroes Pervez, the Emperor or Persia insulted the Muslims' envoy and tore up his letter, which caused a strain in their relationships from the start, and it was evident that the Persian Empire was hostile to the Islamic State at Madinah. Also, the Byzantine Empire became apprehensive of the growing power of the Muslims and their governor at Basra murdered a messenger of the Muslims, which in those times was considered an declaration of war. This led to the Battle of Mutah with the Byzantines. The Byzantine Emperor once also amassed an army near Tabuk on the Syrian border to attack the Muslims but he dispersed. When Hazrat Abu Bakr assumed the Caliphate, there was a revolt against the state of Madinah by many hostile tribes in Arabia, many of which had not yet imbibed the true spirit of Islam and considered it an allegiance to the Prophet only which ended with his death. Hence, they rebelled against the Muslims. The Byzantines had instigated the border tribes of Syria to act against the Muslims while the Persians caused unrest and armed and aided the rebels in Bahrain, Oman, etc near their borders. These were acts of hostility which compelled the Caliphs to act against these Empires for the sake of their own protection and integrity. Additionally, as Arabia was a barren land, it depended on trade with the rich and fertile lands of the Tigris and Euphrates for food. But the Persian Empire refused to carry trade with Islamic Arabia. Hence, the necessity drove the Muslims to act against them. The Arabian tribes living in the Persian Empire were also dissatisfied with Persian rule hence the Muslims hoped to liberate them from the Persian yoke. Overall, the position of these two great Empires and their status of hostility and continual aggression against the Muslim state convinced the Caliphs to raise up arms against them, in the interests of their own State. Indeed, many Christian Arabs rallied around Hazrat Umar's banners during his Caliphate.
  7. Spreading Islamic Rule By Force

    There were far more deep-seated reasons for the conquests that took place during the Caliphates of Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar.
  8. Off Limits Ideas?

    Hi Russell, I have a pretty good idea what Islam might look like to an atheist, and yes, there's nothing wrong with giving a good example from your own point of view. Just a tiny bug though, as you call your example "parallel", or at least hint at it being that, then I must ask you whether you can prove that Muhammad (pbuh) as a messenger was made up. You certainly know Mickey Mouse is fake, 100%, so since you call this example parallel does that mean your'e 100% sure, certain, that Muhammad (pbuh) was not really a messenger? If so, then that certainly means that you have an immovable paradigm to this whole concept, that your'e not even willing to even consider the latter? Just because I ask you to think outside of your box, doesn't mean I want you thinking in mine. Once again, it is my opinion that your example is inadequate, and not parallel. Peace.
  9. Off Limits Ideas?

    Hi Russel, I've read your "Church of Mickey Mouse" example, and I believe you need to come up with something more concrete than that. Mickey Mouse is fabricated. Muhammad (pbuh) was not. If your'e gonna use an example, I suggest something more believable.
  10. What Has Happened To The Forum?

    W/Assalam Yes sister, I have noticed the same. It's interesting to note that some users as early as 2012 said that the forum was "dead", in the sense that people scarcely like to post in any of the sub-forums other than the main, bustling ones. Perhaps we simply need to get the word out more. As brother Dot said, it is true that gawaher is the first result when one searches for "Islamic forum", but I've noted that gawaher is nowhere to be seen in the top search results if for example, one searches a simple question such as "Punishment for Riba in Islam". I think most people, when facing an issue, don't search for an Islamic forum, but rather are prone to search their question directly in their search engine. This is why it would be beneficial to somehow integrate some of our basic threads that address questions such as these to the relevant searches. Now, I wouldn't know how to do that, but it's just a thought. One mainly sees results from other forum sites when searching for questions such as these. Peace.
  11. Why Do Certain Non Muslims Spread Lies?

    W/Assalam Yes, some people do, and yes, they're wrong and yes, it's annoying. But it doesn't mean we should react negatively. If they choose to follow the path of ignorance and spread some more ignorance, then we must be those who follow the path of truth and work double time to spread the truth. Peace to all.
  12. New Pilgrim

    By the Grace of Allah, welcome to Islam and welcome to this forum, brother!
  13. Prayers Please

    May God support your son with the best of health, and provide you strength through this tough time. Amen.
  14. What Should Be The Punishment Of An Atheist?

    Sister, there is no punishment for being a non-Muslim or even an atheist. "There shall be no compulsion in religion" -2:256
  15. Celebrating World Hijab Day

    W/Assalam Not to my knowledge, no. I'm pretty sure it's fine.